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Clan MacPhail

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Moto: Be Mindful
Septs: include MacPhails, McPhails, Macphails, McFalls
Names associated with the clan:
Fail Faill Fall MacFaell MacFail MacFal MacFale MacFall MacFaul MacFauld MacFaull MacFayle MacFoill MacFyall MacKphaill MacPaill MacPaul MacPaule MacPawle MacPhael MacPhaell MacPhail MacPhaile MacPhaill MacPhale MacPhaul MacPhaull MacPhayll MacPhell MacPhial MacPhiel MacVail MacVale Makfaill Makfale Makfele Makphaile Nickphaile Pal Paul Paule Paull Pol Pole Vail

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