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Clan MacThomas

Branches: MacThomas of Finegand, MacThomas of Glenshee
Motto: Deo juvante invidiam superabo (Latin : With God's help I will rise above envy)
Slogan: Clach na coileach (Gaelic : The Cockerel's Crest)
Names associated with the clan: Chombeich Chombich Chombie Comb Combach Combe Combich Combie MacChomay MacChombeich MacChombich MacChomich MacColm MacColme MacColmie MacColmy MacComaidh MacComais MacComas MacComash MacComb MacCombe MacCombich MacCombie MacCombs MacCome MacComes MacComey MacComiche MacComick MacComie MacComish MacComy MacHomas MacHomash MacHomie MacIlchombie MacIlchomich MacIlchomie MacIlchomy MacKomash MacKomie MacKommie MacKomy MacOmie MacOmish MacThom MacThomaidh MacThomais MacThomas MacThome MacThomie MacTomais Makcome Makcomius Makthome Makthomy Tam Tameson Tamesone Tamson Tamsone Thom Thomas Thomason Thomasson Thomassone Thomassoun Thome Thomessone Thompson Thoms Thomson Thomsone Thomsoun Thomsoune Thomsson Thowmis Thowms Tomson Tomsone

Thomson is associated with both Clan MacThomas and Clan MacTavish.

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