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Motto: Denique coelum (Latin : Finally, the sky)
Names associated with the clan:
Mailueil Mailuil Mailuile Mailuill Mailuille Mailvene Mailveyne Mailvil Mailvile Mailvin Mailvyll Mailvyne Mailwill Mailwyn Mailwyne Maleuile Maleuyll Malevil Malevyle Malevyn Malevyne Malewile Maling Malling Mallwill Maluel Maluile Maluill Maluiyll Malveyn Malvil Malvile Malvyle Malvyn Malvyne Malwill Malwyle Malwyn Malwyne Meiluill Mellen Mellon Mellwell Meluile Meluill Melven Melville Melvin Melving Melvyne Melwene Melwill Melwin Melwing Melwyn Melwyne

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