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Septs of the Clan: Dewar, Macindeor, MacMenzies, MacMinn, MacMonies, Means, Mein, Meine, Mennie, Meyners, Minn, Minnus, Monzie.
Names associated with the clan:
Dewar Deware Dewere Jore MacAndeoir MacIndeoir MacIndeor MacIndoer MacJore MacKmunish MacMean MacMeans MacMein MacMeinn MacMen MacMenzies MacMin MacMina MacMine MacMinn MacMinne MacMinnies MacMinnis MacMonies MacMonnies MacMyn MacMyne MacMynneis Mainzies Makmunish Makmynnes Manzie Manzies Maynhers Mean Meanie Meanies Means Megnies Meignees Meigneis Meigners Meignerys Meignes Meignez Mein Meine Meineris Meingnes Meingzeis Meingzes Meinn Meinyeis Meinyies Meinzeis Meinzies Menees Mengues Mengyeis Mengzeis Mengzes Mengzies Mennes Mennie Menyas Menyeis Menyheis Menyhes Menzas Menzeis Menzes Menzeys Menzheis Menzhers Menzies Menzis Meygners Meygnes Meyneiss Meyner Meyneris Meyners Meyness Miners Minn Minnis Minnish Minnus Monsie Monzie Munnies

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