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Motto: Gardez bien - "Look well".
Badge: A female holding an anchor in her right hand and a savage's head in her left.
Names associated with the clan:
Eglington Eglinton Eglintoun Eglunstone Eglynton Eglyntone Eglyntoun Eglyntoune Gaemory Garmory Garmurie Garmury Germory Germurie MacCuimrid MacGarmorie MacGarmory MacGermorie MacGomerie MacGomery MacGumeraitt Makgarmory Mongumre Mongumrie Montegomorry Montegoumeri Montgomerie Montgomery Montgomrie Montgomry Montgumery Montgumre Montgumrie Montgumry Montgumrye Montgurie Monthgumry Mountgomrie Mundgumbry Mundgumri Mungumbry Mungumre Mungumri Mungumry Muntgomery

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Lord Montgomerie, yr of Eglinton
Lord Montgomerie, yr of Eglinton
 Photo taken June 2001.

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