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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (A)
Armour, Philip Danforth

(1832-1901) He built the largest meat packing company in the nation. He was born May 16, 1832, in Stockbridge, New York. The Armours for generations had lived in the area know as Argyllshire. The chief city being Campbelltown. The Armours arrived in the Colonies from Scotland during the middle of the eighteenth century before the American Revolution. Philip Armour was educated at Cazenovia Academy in New York and then worked on the family farm. He later set out across the country to participate in the gold fields of California. He moved from California to Wisconsin with a sizeable fortune and started a wholesale grocery business. In association with his brother, Herman, he became involved in grain commissions and meat packing plants. Out of these ventures came the firm of Armour and Company with headquarters in Chicago. It was destined to become the nation's largest meat packer with world-wide operations. He was an innovator of many of the modern livestock management techniques. He built low cost rental apartments for his workers and founded the Armour Institute of Technology which is now known as the Illinois Institute of Technology. It was said that, "He was one of the most generous supporters of the Scottish organization known as the Illinois Saint Andrew Society." He died January 6, 1901, in Chicago. His son, J. Ogden Armour would carry on the benevolent ideals of the family.

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