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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (B)
Bell, Alex

Country: Canada
Name: Patricia Haughton Wright


Alexander Watson Reid Bell marr, Janet Gray in Glasgow High church 1874. Alex, was a Master Cabinet Maker, one of the pieces he made in order to demonstrate the Various joints etc, was donated to one of the Museums in Glasgow. In later life he worked for the City of Glasgow when he died ,c, 1900s. His wife and  grown children came to Canada, settling in Toronto, the sons and grandsons .
returning to Scotland to fight in both wars one of whom (so I am told had the first Military funeral in Glasgow in ww1). One of his many Grandchildren, Brigadier General, George Gray Bell aged 80, recently passed away in Toronto. Any family members left in Scotland? I would love to share info with you.

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