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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (B)
Brandt, John Robertson

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John Robertson Brandt came to Norway 1720. He lived in Kristiansund and worked for Johan Moses, dealing with klippfish. Johan Moses was the owner of several fishing villages, among those Storholmen just outside Farstad. After some years in Kristiansund, Brandt was employed as the manager of  Storholmen. It's been told that he left his home in Grangemouth, Scotland, of some embarrasing incident and therefor had to live incognito. It's also been told that he was the only child of discount of Grangemouth. He lived in Brevik in Hustad and was buried in Hustad graveyard 75 years old in year 1789.

I was wondering if you got any fuller information about John Robertson Brandt?

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