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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (D)
Georgina Wallace Cooper Lannigan Depruda

I am writing to tell you the story of an incredible woman.  Her name was Georgina Wallace Cooper Lannigan Depruda.  She was born in Scotland on February 13, 1902 and left us on April 13, 2003 at the age of 101 years old.  She came to the US at age four, the eldest of five children.  Along the way she lost her youngest sister and her mother.  At age 8 years old she and her siblings were placed in an orphanage.  There she learned how to cook, clean and take care of children.  Unfortunately she suffered from many illnesses as a young woman and lost most of hearing and had very poor eye sight.  However in spite of or because of her hardships, Auntie, earned her teaching degree.  She later to moved to California to be with her sister.  There she met a young Philipino man, Louis Depruda.  The two fell in love, but in order to get married had to go Reno and prove that he wasn't of Asian, but Spanish descent.  Their marriage lasted for 40 plus years.  They raised over 150 foster children. A core group of these children became their children in all but blood.  The cared for more than 500 children.  Auntie survived Louis by more than 20 years.  During this time she continued to touch the lives of many.  First as a volunteer working with the "old people" at the Senior Center, even though she was the oldest.  She continued to teach more generations of children.  Finally when at 94 she could no longer care for herself, her daughter Janet, got a chance to return the love and care she'd been given.  She cared for auntie unselfishly, with tremendous love and patience.  In this short letter I can't possibly convey all that Auntie did nor all she met, but I wanted to make sure her story was out there and hopefully preserved and shared.
Marna Blanchard

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