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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (F)
Forbes, John (Gen)

In 1710, a Colonel John Forbes, sired a son he also named John. Young John avoided as a young man the clan warfare then prevailing. He wanted to study medicine as a career. But in his second year as a medical student, he decided to become a soldier instead - not to fight for his clan, but in a Scots unit of the British Army.

Well educated, he was accepted and commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Scots Dragoons. A capable and effective soldier like so many of his clansmen, John Forbes won praise from General Lord Ligonier and others.  His first significant appointment was as Quartermaster General in the Third British Army of the Duke of Bedford.  

Later, as an infantry General, he earned his unique claim to fame, first as the Commander in Chief of a British Army in which Colonel (later, General and President) George Washington served as his aide; and in his decisive military victory in America. Most historical texts do not show British military forces in America in a favorable light.

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