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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (G)
Eupham Graham

I thought you might be interested in the following -

I accidently came across your Electric Scotland website, and entered the name of my GGGGGGF Charles Graham, Spoonmaker of Lockgelly.  Up came the story of Charlie Graham, Tinker.  The known facts of my Graham line are -

1. Eupham Graham, my GGGGGGM, was transported to Australia in 1792 aboard 'The Pitt" for 14 years for resetting jewellery, together with her cousin, Helen Lowrie or Laurie. (Details of trial are available)

2.  She was born c.1772 at Lockgelly, Fife - Father Charles Graham, Spoonmaker,  mother  possibly Elizabeth Robertson.

3.  Brother - Charles Graham, also a spoonmaker, was  married to Agnes Brown.  Eupham was living with him at Lockgelly.

4.  When asked at her trial where her father was she said she didn't know and hadn't seen him for years.

Based on these facts, it seems quite possible that Charlie Graham, Tinker, is Eupham's father, and my GGGGGGrandfather!

I would dearly love to know for certain.

See 2 pdf files containing further information.  File 1  |  File 2

Sincerely, Coral Haeusler in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia

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