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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (H)
Hart, Jamie

Hello, My name is Jaime Zavala Hart, from Lima, Peru, south America, I am trying to rebuild the history of my family.

I am the son of Roberto Rivero Hart (1925, Lima-Peru), My grandfather was Guillermo Campbell Hart (Peru,1890-95), and, He was the son of William Irving Hart born August 5th, 1862 Dunoon and Kilmun, Argyll. He was the 5th son of James Filchie Hart (1840 Dunbarton) and Margareth Johnstone Irving (1841) they were married on July 2, 1854.

William Irving Hart came to Peru somewhere around 1885-86, from Glasgow, probably with other two relatives, one of them was Thomas Hart McEwen the other one is unknown. He was probably a plumber and I don't know exactly why they came here, the olders say that they came here to install the water and sewage lines for the City of La Perla in our main port El Callao.

From this 100% Scottish gentleman raised 6 different Peruvian Hart families, I want to know who was he, how he decided to come to Peru, who were the relatives that came with him, do we have relatives in Scotland yet, what happened with his brothers and sister, did they migrate too . A lot of questions without answers.

Could you help me?

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