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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (H)
Henderson, Hercules


As for a wealth of info on my Henderson line I invite you to check out websites and An Arkansas Connection. It traces the descendents of James Isaac Henderson Sr. and his son James Isaac Henderson Jr. from their arrival from Scotland on the convict ship called S.S.Friendship in 1716 and their indentured servitude at Annapolis, Maryland until their freedom about 1732 when they arrived in Orange County, North Carolina and started a new life. Despite the hardships of losing land and holdings in Scotland by English and sold into slavery in the Colonies, James Sr. and Son endeavored to persevere in continuing the Henderson name here in U.S. and as a result there are many hundreds of thousands of direct descendents of James Isaac Henderson Sr. here in U.S., two of whom, as you will see in Arkansas Connection, started the Revolutionary War in reprisal against the king for the same reasons James Sr. and Son were imprisoned in their homeland by English and shipped out. Those two were Argulus Hercules Henderson and son Ezekial. They fought the English under command of a Scotsman named Husband, I believe. Please check out the Henderson legacy of my family at "An Arkansas Connection" as I am so proud to be a part of........ James Franklin Austin Jenkins son of Ethel Berniece Henderson dau of Isom Columbus Henderson son of Samuel Henderson son of Argulus Hercules Henderson II son of Ezekial Henderson son of Argulus Hercules Henderson I son of James Isaac Henderson Jr. son of James Isaac Henderson Sr.

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