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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (J)
Johnston, James Graham

Born in Scotland and Thomas J. Watson, an American of Ulster-Scottish ancestry on both sides, developed a practical tabulating machine — a prototype computer — for the debt-ridden Computing-Tabulating-Recording company which Watson was managing, later to become IBM. He returned to Scotland in triumph to open the IBM facility at Greenock.

The University of Redlands, founded in 1907 by American Baptists, had ``under the leadership of George Armacost (1945-1970)...reaffirmed its mission as a conservative college with a strong Christian orientation.''[17] The idea of a new college on the campus of the University of Redlands dates back to at least 1961, when Armacost proposed an innovative cluster college for students of international business. He saw the same potential for expansion that Hampshire's own founding fathers saw in the unprecedented number of college applicants. The idea was not a realistic possibility until 1966, however, when the possibility of a multi-million-dollar grant from James Graham Johnston, a wealthy IBM executive, suddenly brought the idea within reach. 

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