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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (L)
George Leslie
Descendants of George Leslie, of Drumbarrow 1st Laird Aikenway

I am one of the few Leslie families who can trace there line back to Bartolf, Progenitor of Clan Leslie. It also included family who went to Canada and the USA.

At the moment I am working on proving the Hungarian basis to Clan Leslie and the link to the Court of the Grand Duke of Kiev and the wife of Edgar Atheling, the King of England usurped by William the conqueror.

In fact the Leslie who started the fur trading company, Patton Leslie & Co, based in Florida when Spain was in control of Florida etc, is also included in the Aikenway family.

Even the late Ian 21st Earl of Rothes was amazed at the work that had been done.


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