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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (L)
Lockharts in Argentina

First of all, I'll introduce my self. My name is Andrés H. Thomas Lockhart and live in Argentina. To my best knowledge, I belong to the only Lockhart family in Argentina. My great-grandfather came to South America from France.

I can briefly tell you something about the history of Lockharts in Argentina. They came to work in fields of the Mendosa state, near Andes mountains, in the beginning of 20th century. They were a married couple and very poor people. They worked hard and got money that was employed in the education of his sons in Buenos Aires state, the main state of Argentina.

Afterwards, some of them got to the University of La Plata and study different careers and got his
degrees. Between they my grand father was. Finally, they were successful professionals and worked in Buenos Aires city and La Plata, were I live.

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