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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (M)
Morrison, Duncan

Country: Canada

Duncan Morrison married Violet Dougal, their son Robert (b. ca 1788,  Kilcalmonel; d. 2 Feb 1874, Elgin Co. Ontario) married Jane/Jean Crawford (b 1789, Lanark; d 1884, Michigan, U.S.A.).  They had 3 daughters; Catherine (b. 1819, Kilcalmonel; d. 1916, Rodney, Ont); Violet (b. 1817, Kilcalmonel); and Grace (b. 1815; Kilcalmonel).

Catherine married Duncan Somerville (b. 1820, Lanark; d. 1912, Rodney, Ont).  They had two daughters both named Amelia (b. 1840, d. 1841, South Knapdale; b. 1845, Rodney, Ont; d. 1940, Detroit, U.S.A.

Information on any of these family lines would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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