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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (Mc)

I belong to the ancient Clan MacAlasdair.

The Clan takes it's name from an ancient Scottish Islander/Highlander named Alasdair Mor who lived in the 13th century.  His Father was the famous Donald of the Isles (from whom the Clan Donald take their name), and his great-Grandfather was the famous Somerled, King of the Isles. 

Alasdair Mor grew up on the Isles of Scotland most likely, and later became a reputable "Galloglach" warrior who fought in Ireland according to the records.  He is said to have been an honorable man, and received an entry in the Irish annals stating such, "for his feats of arms... and hospitality."  In fact, he died in battle with "his people," in the year 1299.  The exact cause of the conflict is not known, but he died in battle as an old man against a close relation to his own Clan.

He was a warrior, and had a kind heart from what is known of him, and I'm definately proud to be a McCallister.

So far I can trace my McCallister line to Virginia, where my great (x 5) Grandfather shows up at about 1750.  I don't know what part of Scotland, or Ireland he came from to get here (most likely he came from one of the two), or if it was his father before him.  The effects of what was happening in Scotland at the time could no doubt be a cause for the migration.  His son Joseph is born about 1780, and a family note states he served in the war of 1812.  I'd love to have more stories about my ancestor's
to tell so I'll keep looking. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this "book."

Kathan McCallister

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