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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (Mc)
McVicar, Jennie Belle

Country: Canada
Clan Association: McVicar sept of MacNaughtan
[email protected]

My Grandmother Jennie Belle McVicar was born 22 Nov 1888 in Glencoe, Ekfrid County (Shedden) Ontario and was the Daughter of Malcolm McVicar b. 07 Nov 1859 and Elizabeth "Betsy" Campbell b. 05 Jun 1858 also both born in this area.. The family had settled in this part of Ontario (Shedden and St. Thomas) in the mid 1800's when Malcolm's father David McVicar b.14 Nov 1815 in Glassary Parish Argyll and his wife Isabella McPhersonb. 07 Dec 1820 Glassary Parish Argyll immigrated to Canada.. David's father was Niven McVicar married to Janet Scott and both were from Glassary Parish in Argyll as well. Jennie Belle McVicar married my grandfather John Richard Plain 20 Nov 1907 in Southwold Twp. Elgin County, Ontario and farmed in that area for a few years, my father John Edward Plain was born in Shedden as well,the family moved west to Maple Creek, Saskatchewan (Cypress Hills) in the early part of the 1900's and farmed in that area (near Ft. Walsh where the Royal Northwest Mounted Police encountered Chief Sitting Bull after the massacre at The Battle of the Little Big Horn in Montana).. they moved again to Linaria and farmed there for many years before retiring in Westlock, Alberta.. My grandmother always said her family was from Inverness and our tartan was dark green and dark blue with small yellow and red lines (possibly a Campbell one) a large number of the Plain, McVicar, Campbell and related families still live in the St. Thomas, Shedden area of Ontario. My entire family is extremely proud of our Scottish roots and any info on my family background would be appreciated.. Bob Plain

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