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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (W)
Walls, Kelsie R.

My name is Kelsie R Walls, Jr. I was born in Machias, Maine. My family moved there from Forrest City, Maine which by further research came from Chatham, NB. after John Walls crossed the Atlantic from Orkney Island.  Life was grand in Maine, clean air sunshine in the summertime. My father found a job in Bradenton, Florida so of course we moved, I was all of 6 , yet I remember it clearly.  I was the kid from the north with the funny accent.  I spent my years there growing up in the Florida sun until 1992 when I joined the Army, my father had been in and I thought it was a noble profession.  I have served in the US Army for 17 years now and without a doubt my only regret is that while stationed in Germany for 8 years I never had the time to visit the motherland. I am currently serving in Afghanistan.  I am always curious about my heritage and am searching for more information about my Scottish heritage.

Kelsie R Walls, Jr

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