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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (W)
Donna Weldon

My name is Donna Weldon and I am one of eight children born to James Weldon and Meta Kraus.  My father was born in Springbourne outside of Glasgow in 1894.  He was one of a family of four children (himself and three girls).  On the birth of his young sister Mary, his mother died, and he was raised by various relatives until his father re-married.  They emigrated to Canada in 1914, and my father did various and sundry jobs until he married my mother in 1936.  They lived in Windsor and during the 30's until the early 50's proceeded to produce a baseball team. 

He was by then 42 so by the time my youngest brother was born my Dad was 59.  A strong Scot he was!

We heard all about Scotland all through his life but surprisingly, we know little of our family background.  My grandfather was one of several brothers I understand, and I believe he was very active in union activity in boiler making, but I'm not entirely sure. Did any of his brothers emigrate to Canada?  I have no idea. 

My siblings and I often wonder about our genealogy, so if anyone can give us any understanding of our roots we would be truly grateful.

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