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Mini Biographies of Scots and Scots Descendants (W)
Wright, Robin

My Fathers Father served in WW1 as a Sniper was recommended for the Victoria Cross but due to unfortunate circumstances was not awarded it.

He spent the years between the wars as a greengrocer, his name was Lewis Wright, but went by the name of Dan.

He was born in Fulham London in 1889. His eldest son, also Lewis, started tracing the Family Roots, but alas unknown to me, I was at the time away in the Army, following his death I tried to carry on, but due to some confusion, I was searching for a McRae connection, but found nothing.

So out of sheer desperation I sent a copy of my Uncle wearing a Tartan to a certain person and EUREKA, I am now on the right path, "MacIntyre".

I am now disabled through Army service, and so have a fair amount of leisure time to trace my Family History. I am told that 5 or 6 gens ago a Son and heir was disowned within the Family which added to the Highland clearances caused a further splitting of the Family, which I'm told lost us our family fortune, but I'm not sure of this.

Robin Wright

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