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I am Horourary Secretary of the Clan Mc Cabe Society which is a voluntary body dedicated to (i) the researching and preserving of Mc Cabe history and heritage and (ii) promoting contact between Mc Cabes worldwide.

The 'Scottish' connection in our case derives from a reputed shared pedigree with the MacLeods of Scotland.

According to the work of a noted 19th century Irish antiquarian, Dr John O Donovan, the Mc Cabes were a branch of the MacLeods of Arran and would appear to have migrated to Ireland at the same time with the MacSweenys and MacDonnells 'Galloglach' (foreign volunteers - Gaelic) in the fourteenth

O Donovan was basing his research on the writings of Duald MacFirbis, who was the last of the hereditary historians of Lecan, in the county of Sligo who compiled his great genealogical work in the college of St Nicholas at Galway in the year 1650.

Anyone interested in further information or in joining the Clan Mc Cabe Society can be referred to me at Ivy Cottage, Johnstown, Naas, Co Kildare, Rep. of Ireland or by e-mail at <
[email protected]>

All the best.

Brian (Mc Cabe)

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