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The history of the name McHale is woven into the fabric of Irish History. Researchers have isolated Historical parish records, and ancient land grants. Historical research found that the family name McHale was first found in county Mayo from before the 12th century.

Your name, McHale occurred in many references, from time to time the surname was recordeds MacHale, McHale, MacHail, McHail, McCale, MacCale, and these changes in spelling even occurred between father and son.

This great Gaelic family of McHale emerged in later years in Mayo where they were an ancient and distinguished Irish Family of Killala, where they were scholars attached to the local church, and appeared in the "Annals of Loch Ce". They later branched to Tirawley in Mayo in the 13th century and still later to county Connacht. They moved north into Scotland where they achieved a relationship in Galloway with the Scottish Clan MacDougall. Notable amongst the family at this time was Reverend John MacHale who was 47years the Archbishop of Tuam.

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