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MurphyThe surname Murphy or in Irish, O Murchadha (meaning strong or superior), anglicised O'Murchoe and finally anglicised to it's present form, Murphy, traces it's origin from Milesians, King of Spain, through the line of his son, Heremon the first absolute King of Ireland, 504 BC. The Murphy Clan, or ancient term Hy Gelimy, i.e. descendant to Felimy, so called as they descended from Feidhlim, son of the celebrated Enna kinsellagh, King of Laighlin (i.e. province of Leinster), in the fifth century and in direct line from Dermot McMurrough, King of the Province of Leinster 1110 AD to 1171 AD. The family name of the chieftain of the Murphy Clan is call "the O Morchoe". The family motto is "Fortes et Hospitatis", meaning "Strong and Hospitable", a second motto, "to conquer rather than die" is also associated with the name. The surname Murphy and the variant forms is the most common surname in the whole of Ireland.

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