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Motto: "Commit thy work to God".
Badge: A cock.
Septs of the Clan: Budge, Caird, Clouston, Clyne, Linklater, Lyall,  Mason
Names associated with the clan:
Bairnson Barnie Barnieson Blank Bowar Bower Brims Broch Brotchie Budge Caird Caithens Caithness Caittins Card Cathnes Ceard Clinkclatter Clisten Clistoun Cloustan Cloustane Clouston Cloustone Cloustoun Clustane Clyn Clyne Corriegal Corrigall Corrigill Duffus Gailey Galdie Galie Gallach Gallaich Gallie Galloch Gally Galy Gauldie Gelie Gely Gills Gollach Groat Kaird Keeard Keerd Keldie Kerd Kerde Linckletter Linklater Linklet Linkletter Linklittar Loch Garth Lynclater Lynkclet MacIncaird MacInkaird MacInkeard MacKeardie MacKnokaird MacNakaird MacNecaird MacNekard MacNikord MacNocaird MacNokaird MacNokard MacNokerd MacNokord MacNorcard MacNougard Maison Maissone Maissoun Mason Masone Masoun Masoune Masson Massoun Mayssone Meason Measone Measoun Measoune Meassone Sanclar Santclar Santclere Sincklair Sincklar Sincklare Sinckler Sinclair Sinclaire Sincler Singkler Sinkaller Sinkclair Sinklare St Clair Synclare Syncleir Syncler Synclere Synklair Synklar Wick Wicke Wycks

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Chief of Clan Sinclair

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