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Don't have much on this name but got sent in two similar accounts of the origin of the name from Melva Jo (Snoddy) Kimball.

Legend of the Snoddy Name (1)
During the reign of Charles I of England they (the Catholics?) sent to Scotland the barbarous Claverhouse, who killed prisoners on sight, cut off women's ears, split noses, made children walk on hot ashes, burnt houses, churches, towns and caused general destruction. The edict was given that all Protestants should be killed as soon as captured. A prominent Presbytarian named Fergus was captured. Being so prominent to be killed at once he was sentenced for "day after tomorrow". He planned to escape on "tomorrow night" - but a severe snow storm arose so he escaped during the day of "tomorrow'. He fled to Ireland and there in order to hide his identity and in memory of the day he escaped, he called himself in broad Scot - "Snow Day", which we in English have made "Snoddy" meaning "a snow day".

Legend of the Snoddy Name (2)
During the "Bruce and Wallace Wars" of Scotland, a Scotchman, being a
prisoner of war, took advantage of a snowstorm to break jail, and escape, and having to change his name, to escape recognition, he called himself "Snowday" in honor of his escapement; and as "w" and "y" were not in the alphabet at the time, snow was spelled without "w" and day without "y" which made it "Snoda" which soon became "Snode" and later into Snody and Snoddy.

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