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Stuart of Bute

Variants, Stuart, Steward, Stewardson.  Walter Fitz-Alan received from David I the office of High Stewart of Scotland, and was progenitor of the House of Stewart. Alexander the 4th Stewart left two sons, James and Sir John of Bonkyl. From James descended the Royal Stewarts, from Sir John the Bonkyl branch. Walter the 6th Stewart married Princess Marjory Bruce. Their son reigned as Robert II. Until 1808 the Chiefs of Clan Stewart were heads of the Royal House of Stewart (Stuart). George, 8th Earl of Galloways successors have been subsequent Chiefs of the Clan. The Stewarts of Garlies, descend from Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl. From Sir James, 4th son of Sir John of  Earls of Atholl, Burchan and Traquair. The Highland Stewarts of Appin derive from Dougal, a son of Sir John of Lorne, murdered 1463.  Duncan Stewart, 2nd of Appin, was Chamberlaine of the Isles to James IV. Subsequent Chiefs of the House of Appin and Ardshiel fought for Charles I, under Montrose. They still bear the title, Stewart of Appin and Archshiel.