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Motto: Pro Libertate - "For liberty".
Badge: The badge is a mailed arm holding a sword aloft.
Names associated with the clan:
Galeis Galeius Gales Galeys Galleins Galleius Galles Uallas Valace Valensis Vallace Vallas Valles Valleyis Walace Walais Walans Walas Walays Waleis Walency Waleng Walenis Walens Walense Walensen Walensi Walensis Wales Waless Waleys Waleyss Wallace Wallang Wallas Wallass Wallayis Wallays Walleis Wallensis Walles Walleyis Walleys Wallis Walls Wallyis Wallys Walois Walys Weles

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Clan Wallace Tent at the Chatham Highland Games


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