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Roots Research Web Pages
This is where we have discovered web sites with good amounts 
of information on Scots and Scots-Irish information

  • Murrah's Genealogy Page
    Contains information on Albritton, Anderson, Ashworth, Bachiler/Batchelder, Baker, Bangs, Barnes, Barss/Bearse, Beasley, Bettinhom, Blackston, Boatman, Bower, Brewster, Broughton, Burton, Chavis, Chittington, Cobb, Coles, Collins, Council, Craig, Dean, Dearth, Dewey, Dial, Doane, Dollarhide, Duckworth, Evans, Forsythe, Foster, Freeman, Gale, Gammon, Gibbs, Gratwicke, Hamilton, Hardy, Harman, Harris, Haviland, Hepworth, Hide, Hinckley, Hobart, Hodsoll, Hopkins, Hyanno, Johnson (Allen), Johnson (Benjamin), Johnson (Patrick), Indenden, Knight, Knowles, Landrum, Largent, Lear, Leatherlin, McGibbon, Man, Mayo, Mercer, Miller, Minster, Mixon, Morgan, Murrah, Norsworthy, Parker, Parrott, Perkins, Petit, Pitts/Pitt, de la Poole, Powe, Powell, Prence, Rawlinson, Reddwood, Riall, Richardson, de Shelton, Sapp, Smith / Smythe, Smythe-Simkinson, Soole, Sparrow, Spears, Stanley, Swift, Taylor, Thompson, Tolderby, Walters, Watson, Whelden, White, Whitfield, Willford, Wilson, Wing, Young, and Zachry.

  • The Naughtons in Ireland
    This narrative summarizes an ongoing effort to trace the history of the Naughton (originally O'Neachtain) family line in Ireland: from its arrival from Normandy to its ancestral rule within Ulster Province and later within the Hy-Many (Ui-Maine) kingdom within Connaught Province, to its rule of the extensive plains of Maenmagh in County Galway until the Anglo-Norman conquest, to its movement to rule the Fews (woodlands) of southern County Roscommon--historically known as "Naughton Country".