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Scottish Wedding Guide
The Day and The Date

The Date

The earlier you settle on a date the more chance there is of fulfilling your reception wishes. It's now quite common for weddings to be booked up to 24 months in advance.  But certain months and certain days of the week are more popular than others.  It seems we can blame the Romans for many couples wanting to wed in June.   That's because they believed that Juno, the godess of marriage, would bring prosperity and happiness to all who wed in her month.  But there are 11 other months where more 20th cetury considerations, such as budget limitations, honeymoon and holidays, can influence the decision.

The Day

Saturday is the favourite day for weddings, with Friday coming a close second.  But Sunday weddings are also becoming more and more popular - a far cry from the last century when Sunday weddings were outlawed.  There are numerous advantages to a Sunday wedding.  Most of your family and friends do not work at weekends.  And if they feel that they need an extra day to recover, many employers are willing to allow staff a Monday off rather than a Friday, which can often be the busiest day in the week for office staff.

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