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Jones Place on the Osage Highlands
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Texas Star Quilt
Texas Star Quilt

From the front porch there were endless vast prairie vistas. This was tied up with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets only witnessed in this far out place. The startling colors of a sunset whether it is hot pink, cerulean blue, dark ultramarine met with iridescent silvers and gold's all can be remembered by an artist. This beauty to be accepted and enjoyed by anyone who simply has to raise their eyes to it.

At night on the prairie the lonely laughing of the coyotes make a child's mind and body shiver as to the wondering about it.  There was a train travelling through the long stretch of land and it would lend a lonely call through the night air. Those moments were a consolation even to a child to know there was a civilization out there,  somewhere. Today, there is not even that as this old house sets alone, an inanimate skeleton who knows everything but tells nothing. The telling to be done by only one who remembers and that only because of a yearning for grandchildren to learn and experience through words the happiness of the people who lived there.

To say the prairie rattlesnakes are not remembered or the relentless vise like cold wind is forgotten would be untrue. To cover over the truth of the fear implanted into one's mind as to watching your step, or the dealing with the cold will not be done. For our grandchildren we are thankful for the comfort of the easily heated homes and we are proud and happy. May the pleasure ever last.

Still let us remember, there is no joy in waking up to a house as cold as a step in refrigerator or where the ice has to broken on the drinking water bucket.  To endure the needle like cold for what can seem to be an eternity while the heat is forth coming from a blazing fire, simply because the large house is too big and not insulated at all is a recollection.

Velma and Bell were ever vigilant to the saving of warm fabrics, whether it be from old coats, trousers, dresses or even parts of partially worn out comforters.  These fabrics were cut into large squares around one foot square.  These were sewn into long strips of squares and then the strips were joined. A lining of another old quilt and the backing of warm flannel made the heavy weighted comforters to rest down close to one's body holding heat and warmth so that only ears and head were cold.

Geese were shot and roasted for a delightful meal. Their down was saved and from this Bell made feather mattresses. The joy of sinking into these is unrivalled, not speaking of the heated water beds of today.

In our mind we can still the concentration on the women's faces as they worked. There was a beauty in the peaceful expression as their minds were connecting and putting together the fabrics to warm their families on the cold winter nights. Certainly, over the warm comforters came the more beautiful intricate quilts. Their design were intricate as to catch even the eye of a child. There was the Texas Star, The Wedding Ring, Little Dutch Girls, and so on.

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