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Life and Work of Joanna Baillie


A. Collected Works:

A Series of Plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger passions of the mind, each passion being the subject of a tragedy and a comedy. 3 vols. London, 1802—12. (British Museum).

New edition. London, 1821 (Yale).

Dramas, by Joanna Baillie. 3 vols. London, 1836 (Yale).

Complete Poetical Works of Joanna Baillie. 1st American edition. Philadelphia, 1832 (Yale).

The Dramatic and Poetical Works of Joanna Baillie, complete in one volume. London, 1851 (U. of Calif.).

Second edition (with memoir). London, 1853 (Stanford).

Die Leidenschaften. Translated by K. F. Cramer. 3 vols. Amsterdam and Leipzig, 1806 (British Museum).

B. Dramatic Works:

A Series of Plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger passions of the mind, each passion being the subject of a tragedy and a comedy (anonymous). London, 1798 (Yale, Harvard).

Second edition. London, 1799 (Harvard).

Third edition, by Joanna Baillie. London, 1800 (Yale).

Fourth edition, by Joanna Baillie. London, 1802

(Yale, Boston Public).

Fifth edition, by Joanna Baillie. London, 1806 (Harvard).

Volume II1. London, 1802 (British Museum).

--Second edition. London, 1802 (Yale).

--Third edition. London, 1806 (Harvard).

Volume III. London, 1812 (Harvard).

Miscellaneous Plays. London, 1804 (Yale).

Second edition. London, 1805 (M.S.C.)2.

Basil: a tragedy. Philadelphia, 1811 (Yale).

Translated by H. G. Schreiter. Altenberg, 1807

(British Museum).

The Beacon: a serious musical drama. New York, 1812 (from 1st London edition, 1812) (Yale).

The Bride: a drama in three acts. London, 1826 (Yale). De Monfort: a tragedy in five acts, as performed at the Drury Lane and New York theatres. New York, 1809 (Yale).

The Election: a comedy. Philadelphia, 1811.

The Family Legend: a tragedy. Edinburgh, 1810 (Yale).

Second edition. Edinburgh, 1810 (Yale).

First American edition. New York, 1810 (from 1st

Edinburgh edition) (Yale). •

The Martyr: a drama. London, 1826 (Yale).

C. Non-dramatic Works:

Ahalya Baee: a poem. London, 1849. Privately printed (Bristish Museum).

A Collection of Poems, chiefly manuscript, and from living authors. Edited by Joanna Baillie. London, 1823 (U. of Pennsylvania, Yale).

Fugitive Verses. London, 1790 (No copy known).

Fugitive Verses. London, 1840 (Harward).

--London, 1864.

Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters. London, 1821 (Yale).

Second edition. London, 1821 (Yale).

A View of the General Tenour of the New Testament regarding the Nature and Dignity of Jesus Christ, etc. London, 1831 (Yale).

Second edition. London, 1838 (Yale).


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Albert S. Cook, Editor

I. The Foreign Sources of Modem English Versification. Charlton M. Lewis, Ph.D. $0.50. (Out of print.)

II. iElfric: A New Study of his Life and Writings. Caroline Louisa White, Ph.D. $1.50.

III. The Life of St. Cecilia, from MS. Ashmole 43 and MS.

Cotton Tiberius E. VO, with Introduction, Variants, and Glossary. Bertha Ellen Lovewell, Ph.D. $1.00.

IV. Dryden’s Dramatic Theory and Practice. Margaret Sherwood, Ph.D. $0.50.

V. Studies in Jonson’s Comedy. Elisabeth Woodbridge, Ph.D. $0.50.

VI. A Glossary of the West Saxon Gospels, Latin-West Saxon and West Saxon-Latin. Mattie Anstice Harris, Ph.D. $1.50.

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IX. A Guide to the Middle English Metrical Romances dealing with English and Germanic Legends, and with the Cycles of Charlemagne and of Arthur. Anna Hunt Billings, Ph.D. $1.50.

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XII. King Alfred’s Old English Version of St. Augustine’s Soliloquies, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. Henry Lee Hargrove, Ph.D. $1.00.

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