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The Aberdeen Doctors
Appendix X - Dr. Forbes in Exile

Vpon Fryyday, at euen, being the 5th day of April, anno 1644, I and my sonne George, and Mr. William Keyth, being embarked in the ship of John Andersone of Torrie, we lowsed from the roade of Aberdene, and, according to the good hand of our God vpon us, we arrived safely ay Camphere, vpon Weddensday, the tenth of the same April, at ten houres before noone. And vpon the next Lords day, it being the 14th day of the same April, I being desired by Mr. Grybius, preachour to the English church in Middelburg, and by Mr. Spang, pastor of the Scottish church in Camphere, I preached in the English church in Middelburg, vpon Rom, 8. 31, 32.—Blessed be God for His most comfortable mercies in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah.

Vpon the 28th day of April, old stile, which was the 8th of May, new stile, it being the Lords day, I preached in the English church in Amsterdame, vpon John 6. 27, being desired by Mr. Julius Haring, pastor of the same church.

Vpon the -S4 day of May, being the Lords day, I preached in the English church in Vtrecht, vpon Psal. 119, vers. 132, being desired by Mr. Harris, pastor of the said church.

Vpon Weddnesday, the of May, being desired by Mr. Julius Haring, I preached again in the English church in Amsterdame, vpon Matt. ii. 28.

Vpon the 26th of May, old stile, being desired by Mr. Spang, I preached again in Middelburg, vpon Matth. 11. 29, Mr. Grybius being absent. Blessed be God for ever. Amen.

Vpon the day of Junij, in Ledyen, Doctor Spanheimius, professor of divinitie, preached in the French tongue, in the French church their, vpon theise words of our Saviour, For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together— Matt. 24. 28. Theise words he did expone learnedly and plainly, pertinently and powerfully applying them to the celebration of the holy communion, which also he did celebrat after sermon ; and I did also communicate with them at the Lords table, and I found sweet presence and strong consolation in Christ my Saviour, to whom be glory for ever. Amen. And in that same church, afternoone, the ordinarie minister of that French congregation did preach vpon psalme 103, vers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,—Blesse the Lord, 0 my soule, &c. I blesse God for this blessed occasion, and for all His great mercies. Hallelujah. Amen.

Vpon Weddensday, at evening, the Tt day of Junij, as I was goeing in a boat toward the passadge ship for Swartsluyse, from Amsterdame, I hade from God this great preservation and deliverance, blessed be His holy name for ever and ever ; an ancore of a ship did fall vpon me, and yet I was saved, and not killed, nor wounded, nor bruised. Praised be God. Amen and amen.

Againe, vpon Frydday at euen, the TV day of Junie, at Groeningen, as I was stepping vp to an high bed, the stoole tumbled, and I did fall vpon an hard floore, and was saved from hurt. Praised be the Lord for ever. Amen.

Vpon the 23rd of Junie, old stile, it being the 3rd day of Julie, new stile, and being the Lord's day, I heard at Amsterdame before noone, in the Zuyder kirk, one of the pastors of Amsterdame preaching vnto the congregation of Hollanders their assembled. His sermon was learned and pious, and very comfortable. His text was, Waut de Sone des Menschen is glekomen oin te soeken ende saligh to maken dat vertoren was —that is, For the Sonne of Man is come to seeke and to save that which was lost—Luc. 19, 10. And, after sermon, the holy communion was celebrated, where I did also communicat at the Lord's table with that congregation, and I was comforted not a little. I found the Lord's gracious presence with me, preparing and inviting me, and leading me to His holy table, and their reviving and strengthening my soule with that heavenly food which endureth vnto everlasting life. I renewed my vowes, and cryed for grace, and was greatly comforted, and my soule praised the Lord, and I doe praise Him with all my heart, and I will, by His grace, loue and praise His holy name, while I haue any being. Hallelujah. Vpon that same day, after noone, in that same kirk, preached another of the ordinarie pastors of Amsterdame, vpone Act 2. 38, 39 and vpon the 72, 73 and 74 questions of their ordinarie catechisme, concerning baptisme. And therafter, in another kirk, vpon the same day, I heard a thrid sermon, plainly and powerfully preached, by another ordinarie preacher of Amsterdame, vpon theise words : Ende niet vele dagen daer na de 20 jongste sone alles by een vergadert hebbende is wech gereyst in eeen verre (gelegen) landt, ende heest aldaer syn goet door ghebracht levende overdadighlick; that is : And not many dayes after, the yonger sonne gathered all together, and tooke his journey into a farre countrey, and their wasted his substance with riotous living—Luke 15. 13. I thank the Lord for theise and other blessed occasions of His service, and for His manifold mercies toward me, and toward all and euery one of his children. Hallelujah.

Vpon the -^th day of Julie, it being the Lord's day, I preached in the English church at Amsterdame, vpon Matth. 11. 29, being desired by Mr. Thomas Paget, one of the ordinarie pastors of that church.

Vpon the 24th day of August, 1644, it being the Lord's day, I received the holy communion in the French church from Monsieur Hotton, one of the ordinarie pastors of the French congregation at Amsterdame, who also preached upon Psalme 133. 3 : and again, afternoone, in that same congregation, I heard another minister preach also in French, vpon Rom. 12. 1. I was much comforted in God my Saviour. Glory to the Father, and to the Sonne, and to the Holy Ghost, for ever. Amen.

Vpon the ifth day of August, it being the Lord's day, being desired, I preached in the English church at Delft, two sermons, vpon Esai 12. 1 : And in that day thou shalt say, 0 Lord, I will praise thee ; though thou wast angry with me (or, for thou was angrie with me), thyne anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me.

Vpon Weddensday, the 28th of August, old stile, being the seventh of September, new stile, being desired, I preached in Amsterdame upon theise words in the two last verses of the 80th Psalm— Quicken vs and we shall call upon thy name. Turn vs again, 0 Lord of Hosts, cause thy face to shyne, and we shall be saved.

Within not many dayes after this, I went againe to Groeningen, where my sonne and his pedagogue Mr. William Keyth were ; and their finding my sonne somewhat seekly, and having occasion of fair weather, and perceiuing my sonne to be somewhat sad, I tooke him and his pedagogue abroad, and we made a progresse of travelling gently and pleasantly through Ommeland and through Friseland, and did let him see theise townes in Freisland, Lewardine, and Franekir, with the academie therin, and Harling, remaining a good while in euery one of them : and we travelled also through another towne in Friesland, called Bolswart, and saw other places a good way off; and upon the seuenth day we returned to Groeningen in peace, being all of vs in good health, praised be God for it, and for restoring my child from that siknesse which they reported to have been heavier before I came. I stayed with them the space of neare three moneths, and having provided their accomodation in all things against the approaching winter, I recommended them to the grace of God, and leaving them in good health and cheerefulnesse, and in a comfortable course of good learning, I took journay from Groeningen, vpon Weddensday, the 30th day of October, old stile, and, by the mercy of God, I arrived safely at Amsterdame, vpon Saturday, the 2nd of November, old stile, which was the 12th of November, new stile. Blessed be God.

Because of the printing of my booke, entitled Instructions historico-theologicae, I tooke course to stay at Amsterdame this winter, and entered into a Dutch merchant's house, where I found the companie good,religious, and civile; but the chamber where I abode, altho large and well furnished, yet obscure and somwehat cold; whereupon I told them that I found not such accomodation in respect of the chamber as my studies doe require, and besought them to think well of my removall to some other house, wherein I might find a more convenient chamber, which they did not oppose ; and thereupon I made condition with another, where was a meeter chamber, altho at a dearer rate ; and while, as I am staying to fulfill a weeke with the aforesaid good companie, they sett them-selues by all meanes to remede any thing displeasing to me ; and some freinds also told me that they might happily take it in evill part as a breach on my part, and a disreputation put vpon them, and their house, if I should so soone leave them ; and, on the other part, I hade promised to the other people to come to them. The consideration of this difhcultie did much trouble me, for I saw my self sore straited with an appearing necessitie of sinning; and giving of offence, which way of the two I should choyse, which was vnto me more bitter then death. Therefore, being in a grievous agonie, I confessed my sinnes vnto God, and this sinfull precipitating of my self into this fearfulle difficultie. I cryed with teares vnto my God, to whome all things are possible, and the Lord heard me, and hade mercy vpon me, and moved the hearts of that good companie with whome I was, to declare vnto me, that howsoever they would be glad of my companie, yet they acknowledged that the chamber was inconvenient for me, and therefore they consented to my remoovell with freindschip and goodwill, neither did they conceiue offence therat, and were rather displeased at the incommodiousenesse of that house, which was vnto themselues but an hyred house, and said that they mynded to seeke out for themselues also a better lodging house ; and I came with peace of conscience and kyndnesse of both parties vnto the other more commodious lodging. My soule doth blesse the Lord my God and Saviour, and I will, by His grace, blesse His holy name while I haue any being, who hath knowen my soule in adversities, and hath disappoynted the machinations and expectation of my spirituall enemies, and hath drawen me out of the great waters of tenation and trouble, wherewith I was compassed, and hath kept me from sinning against Him, and from giving offence, and in love to my soule He hath cast all my sinnes behind His back, and hath deliuered me out of the mouth of the Lion. And I trust in the mercy of the Lord my God, that He shall deliver me from euery euill worke, and will preserve me vnto His heavenly kingdome ; to whome be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Upon 12th day of December, 1644, at Amsterdame, Mr. Julius Haring and Mr Thomas Paget, the two ordinarie pastors of the English Congregation, did preach and celebrat the holy communion, and I came with others to the Lord's table, and their I receiued the holy communion, with a very sweet and sensible presence of the Lord my God and Saviour with me, renewing to me His former comforts, and adding therto, in such sort, as when I came from the table, and did betake myself to a privat devotion in thanksgiving to God, my heart and my soule rejoyced greatly in the Lord, and myne eyes did cast out tears, proceeding from spiritual joy, and love, and peace. I prayed for confirmation, and continuance of His grace with me, and for performance of my vowes, that the Lord would work in me the porformance, and blesse His church in our King's dominions and elsewhere, and make me to be comforted of God my Heavenly Father in Jerusalem all my dayes, as he that is comforted of his mother, and that I might have this assured token that Christ abideth in me, and I in Him, even my fruit-fulness in Him, in bringing forth much fruit. For He sayeth,He that abideth in Me, and I in Him, the same bringeth forth much fruit. I prayed also for my child, George, and others his deare children, and I was greatly comforted. Praised be the Lord. The forsaid pastors preached powerfully and comfortably, Mr. Haring before noone, vpon Act 2, 23 : Him being deliuered by the determinat counsel and fore-knowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands crucified and slain ; and Mr. Paget afternoone, vpon John 1. 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, insisting most vpon that testimonie of John Baptist concerning our Lord Jesus Christ, vers. 29 : Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sinne of the world. My soule blesseth God for theise blessed occasions of His service and means of grace, accompanied with His effectuall and plentifull blessing, and with good hope, through grace, that good-nesse and mercy shall follow me and my child, with others beloved of God, all the dayes of our life, and that we shall abide in the house of the Lord for ever. Glory to the Father, and to the Sonne, and to the Holy Ghost, exalted aboue all blessing and praise, from everlasting to everlasting. Amen and Amen.

Vpon the -ifthdayof December, 1644,being desired by Mr. Julius Haring, I preached in the English church at Amsterdame, vpon theise words of our Saviour : And ye shall find rest vnto your soules. For my yoke is easie and my burden is light.—Matth. xi. 29, 30. The Lord did mercifully comfort me and my hearers. Praised be God. Amen.

Vpon the 22nd day of December, 1644, old stile, (it being the first day of Januarie, 1645, new stile), Mr. Haring being yet hindered by sikenesse, and having desired me to preach for him, I preached in the English church againe in Amsterdame, vpon Ephes. iii. 14, 15, 16, and the Lord was graciously with me, and with my hearers. All praise and glorie to his holy name for ever and ever. Amen.

Vpon the 25th day of December, 1644, old stile, (it being the 4th of January, 1645, new stile) having been desired by Mr. Haring and Mr. Paget, it being the ordinarie monethly fasting day for England, I preached at Amsterdame, vpon Luke xviii., the first seven verses, with a part of the eight verse. Glory to God for evermore. Amen.

Anno Domini, 1645.

Vpon the first day of Januarie, old stile, 1645, (it being Weddensday, and the eleuenth day, new stile,) the great and magnifick temple, called the new kirk in Amsterdame, was burnt vp by fyre, and therupon men doubting how this came to passe, there was in mens mynds a feare of some insurrection and confusion, the people closed their windowes, and the burgers, by publik order, went to armes vntill the affright was over, andwurse taken Qr preserving the citie in peace and safety. Blessed be God who hath spared vs and comforted vs.

Vpon Thursday, the 19th of Januarie, that learned man Gerardus Joannes Vossius, having red and considered the 26th and 29th chapters of the eight booke of myHistorico-theologicall Instructions, consented to the printing therof. I praise the Lord who heard me, and hath moved the heart of that learned man to consent hierto, altho it be contrarie to some things wreitten formerly by him in his Historia Pelagiana. Blessed be God, the mightie God of Jacob, el elohe Israel.

Vpon the Hnd day of Januarie, it being the Lords day, and I having beene earnestly desired by Mr. Julius Haring, yet sick, to preach for him, I preached in the English church in Amsterdame, vpon theise words of the Apostle Paul, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith.Ephes. iii. 16, 17. The Lord was graciously with me, and made me also partaker of theise comfortable blessings. Glory to the Father, and to the Sonne, and to the Holy Ghost, for ever and ever. Amen.

Vpon the 5th day of August, 1645, at Amsterdame, in the English church, I did participat the holy sacrament of the Lords Supper, with very great spirituall comfort and sweet presence of God my Saviour, to whom be glorie for ever more. Amen.

Vpon the 3rd day of September, new stile, I did very comfortably receiue the holy communion with the French or Wallon congregation in Middelburg, 1645.

Vpon the 28th day of September, old stile, 1645, I did, with great comfort, receiue the holy communion with the Dutch Gelder congregation in Arnhem, where my sonne also and his pedagogue, Mr. William Keyth, did lykewayse communicate. Blessed be God.

Vpon the 5th day of October, old stile, 1645, I did againe receiue the holy communion with the Dutch Gelder congregation in Arnhem, and the Lord did greatly comfort me, and strengthen me in his grace, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord, to whome, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all honour, glory, and prayse, and thanksgiving, and blessing, and dominion, for evermore. Amen.

Vpon the 21st day of June, old stile, 1646, being earnestly desired, I preached in the English church in Amsterdame, vpon psal. lxxxix. vers. 15, 16.

Vpon the 24th day of Junie, old stile, 1646, it being Weddensday, there was a publik solemne fast and humiliation throughout all the united provinces of the Netherlands, praying for a blessed seccess to their army ; and I being that day in the Hage, did keepe the fast with the French church their, where I hard Mr. Andrew Rivetus preaching in French, vpon the 58th chap, of Esai. vers. 5, 6, 7, 8.

Vpon the 28th day of Junie, old stil, 1646, I and my sonne George, and Mr. William Keyth, did hear Mr. Colvius, minister of the French Church in Dort, preaching in French, vpon Hebr. xii. 14 ; and we did, at that same tyme, receiue the holy sacrament of the Lord's supper with that French congregation, with great comfort. Praised be God.

Vpon the 5th day of July, old stil, 1646, being earnestly desired, I preached in the English Church in Middelburg, upon Micah vii. 7.

Vpon the eighth day of July, old stil, it being Weddensday, we embarked, I and my sonne George, and Mr. William Keyth, at Camphere, and ther-after, vpon the next following Tuysday, the 14th of July, anno 1646, we arrived and landed safely at Aberdene, by the good hand of our God vpon us. Glory to the Father, and to the Sonne, and to the Holy Ghost, for ever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah.

Vpon the second day of September, 1646, I came to Corse with my sonne and Mr. William Keyth, and found my tabernacle in peace, through the great mercy of our God in Christ Jesus our Saviour, to whome be glory for ever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah.

Vpon the 4th day of October, and again vpon the first day of November, was kept a publik fast and humiliation, at both which dayes I kept with the congregation at Lochell, and was much comforted. Praised be the Lord.

Vpon the 20th day of October, 1646, I sent my sonne George from Corse to the colledge of Old Aberdene ; and I praise God for this occasion of his farther education, without engagement of his conscience or myne to any oath or subscription in these matters, now controverted among Protestant brethren in Scotland. 0 Lord, thou wilt order peace for us, for thou hast wrought all our works for us. Blessed be God. (Dr. Forbes' Diary MS., fol. 176-79.)

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