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The Naval and Military History of the Wars of England including the Wars of Scotland and Ireland

In which is given an accurate and lively Description of the Sieges, Battles, Bombardments, Sea Engagements, Expeditions, and extensive Conquests of the British Arms, in all Quarters of the Globe, with a variety of Interesting and extraordinary Anecdotes of Military Skill and Intrepidity, heroic Adventures, brilliant Exploits, martial Achievements, and memorable Actions of the British Warriors calculated to inspire the Rising Generation with Magnamity and Virtue and to Impress on their Minds the generous Ardour and Noble Emulation of their Ancestors.


The memoirs of great and renowned Persons in all Ages and Countries, have been received with avidity, and read with admiration. But in the annals of what Nation shall we find a series of noble deeds and heroic achievements, more glorious and important, than what are recorded of Englishmen and Britons? And though no regular history of them hath been before attempted, they nevertheless deserve the pen of a Livy or a Tacitus, to do justice to their merit, and immortalize their fame. Under such historians, the glowing page would warm the heart of every reader, and fire the bosoms of the brave and free, with that sacred flame of Virtue and Patriotism, that illumined and adorned our illustrious Ancestors.

From the lives and characters of the invincible heroes herein depicted, and the singular and fortuitous events described, the Prince and the Subject may alike derive useful lessons of instruction and advice. To the prince, they will teach that dignity of sentiment, and elevation of mind, which are the true characteristict of wisdom and valour. They will teach him firmness in war, and puncuality in his engagements; patience under adverse fortune, and moderation when crowned with success. They will point out to him that affable deportment, yet princely demeanour, which ensures the affections of the people, amid the applause of the world. To the subject they will teach due subordination— grateful respect — loyal attachment — national integrity — and the love of freedom. The warrior might also learn, from the battles herein described, that it does not always depend on numbers; but that a chosen and undaunted few, may sometimes overcome a powerful army when unanimity prevails with a proper attachment to their leader.

Under the happy Constitution of this country the Soldier and the Sailor and the Commander in Chiefs fight from the same impulse of national liberty and honour. Hence it is that our brave tars and veteran troops possess that steady courage and cool intrepidity so justly ascribed to them. And hence in conflicts of difficulty and disadvantage — of inequality and danger - led on by good officers and encouraged by mild discipline they die rather than desert their posts — they overcome every obstacle — they triumph both by sea and land — and the splendour of the British arms becomes more and more conspicuous.

No appointment in the Army or Navy, can be held without a certain trust annexed to it; it is therefore the duty of every officer, whatever be his situation, to acquit himself with celerity and perseverance, which fail not to insure respect and approbation. It is not the elevated station that attracts applause; it is the activity, prudence, courage, integrity and humanity, of him who commands. These constitute dignity of character, and form the Soldier and the Hero. They draw upon him the admiration and the love of mankind, while trophies of glory and honour thicken round him and immortalize his name!

Editors Note: This publication translates the letter s to the letter f

Volume 1
Of war and warriors
Volume 2
Of the Wars of England during the Reign OF Richard II. and under the House of Lancaster.
Volume 3
Wars of England during the Reign of the Stuarts continued
Volume 4
Wars of England during the Reign of Queen Anne.
Volume 5
Of the Wars of England during the Reign of George I.
Volume 6
From the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle to the Death of George II.
Volume 7
Of the Wars of England during the Reign of George III.
Volume 8
From the Year 1794 to the Peace of 1802.

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