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History of the Queen's Park Football Club 1867 - 1917
Chapter XL.—Third Lanark F.C. and Hampden Park

As it was known the Queen's Park were about to give up Hampden Park as soon as the new field was ready, another club made application for the ground as presently occupied by the Queen's Park, the latter being so informed by Messrs. Dixon's engineer. This was in 1901. Therefore the club at once decided to re-take the ground until August, 1903. 3rd Lanark were at this time obliged to remove from Cathkin Park, and naturally sought a ground in the vicinity of their old field. Hampden Park, laid out and ready for occupation, and little expense to be incurred in fitting it up, was naturally a tempting morsel, and most desirable when the Queen's Park had no further use for it. Mr. R. C. Boyce, on behalf of Messrs. Dixon Limited and W. S. Dixon's Trustees, intimated to the club in August, 1902, that the landlords would resume possession of Hampden Park, 31st August, 1903, on the termination of the lease, and inquired whether the club would remove the embankments, as stipulated under the lease, or make a payment in respect of the non-removal of the same. The club decided to remove the embankments, requesting the landlords at the same time to give the Queen's Park first option of the ground should they decide to let it for athletic purposes, to which a reply came on 4th September, 1902, that it would be impossible to arrange an extension of lease beyond 31st August, 1903. Meantime a deputation came from 3rd Lanark Football Club in regard to taking over the embankment. The gentlemen were requested to consult the landlords as to whether they would accept 3rd Lanark as tenants, and so relieve Queen's Park of the obligation of removing the embankments. The landlords were agreeable to give the Volunteers the park, and would take over the obligation of the Queen's Park to remove the embankments. Mr. M. A. Rodger, on behalf of 3rd Lanark, inquired what sum the Queen's Park would pay to take over the obligation. The club declined to treat further with 3rd Lanark for the embankments alone, and asked that club to specify what fixtures or fittings they would want when Queen's Park evacuated Hampden Park, and requesting an offer. The club proposed to submit the matter to the arbitration of two valuators, with an oversman should the valuators disagree. 3rd Lanark offered 500 for the fixtures, excluding the embankments, but were prepared to contribute something to whatever sum the Queen's Park paid to Messrs. Dixon Limited in lieu of removing the latter. Finally 3rd Lanark wrote in November, 1902, that they did not see their way to entertain the offer for the sale of stands and fittings. Messrs. James Laird & Son and Mr. Alexander Blair were both asked to value the fixtures, embankments, appurtenances, etc., on behalf of the Queen's Park. On these valuations being received, it was decided not to entertain the price offered by 3rd Lanark, and to offer the ground as it stood for 1,000, or 300 under Messrs. Laird's valuation. Still the 3rd Lanark held out, and the matter hung fire. Messrs. M'Creaths & Stevenson, C.E., were requested to advertise for estimates for the removal of the embankments at Hampden Park to the new grounds. In March, 1903, 3rd Lanark came forward with an offer of 500 for fixtures, and 100 towards whatever sum Queen's Park should have to pay in lieu of removing the embankments, which offer was duly declined. A conference took place in March between a sub-committee of the Queen's Park and Messrs. J. Livingston and M. A. Rodger, of 3rd Lanark, which did not advance matters very much. The negotiations lapsed until May, 1903, when a letter came from the latter gentlemen, reducing the offer of 3rd Lanark to 350 for all fixtures, etc., as they at present stood, and they would take over the ground liabilities of the Queen's Park to the landlords, Mrs. Morgan's Trustees. The Queen's Park adhered to the price of 1,000, and the 3rd Lanark were given three days to consider the offer. Meantime an estimate had been received from Mr. Robert Provan for removing the embankments to the new field. The Volunteers refused to entertain the offer made by the Queen's Park, and it was decided to struct Mr. Provan to proceed with the removal of the embankments. A further decision was arrived at, to remove and utilise the furniture in the pavilion, gymnasium fittings, and any articles which might be of service, and sell the pavilion and stands, on condition that these were removed within a certain time, and under a suitable penalty. The ground committee were to consult with the engineers as to what articles could be utilised at the new premises. The demolition of Hampden Park was then proceeded with, and 3rd Lanark lost the chance of acquiring a fully-equipped ground, one worthy of the club and its history. The Volunteers on entering into possession re-named the ground Cathkin Park, after their old field. The ground, under its new lessees, never assumed either the appearance, or the importance, of second Hampden Park. The newcomers found the ground a wreck, and their equipment of the enclosure was barely sufficient to meet the needs of the time. They lost a golden opportunity, and have no doubt often regretted since, that they did not come to terms with the Queen's Park, as they would have spared themselves much inconvenience and expense, and been in possession of a ground of which any club might have been proud. It is alleged on their behalf that they had no guarantee of a lease. The north side of the field was to be reserved for feuing, and the north stand and the whole field must be removed further south, the hill having to be cut into for the purpose, all of which were subsequently done. No feuing or building has since taken place on the street, to the north of the ground which was to have led into Polrnadie.
While the discussion over the ground was animated, i was carried out on strictly business lines, and no friction resulted between the clubs, as is evident from the fact that 3rd Lanark made application for the use of the Queen's Park's new ground on 2nd and 16th January, owing to their own ground not being ready, which application was readily granted. In addition, facilities for training were afforded the Volunteers, and they were given the use of the pavilion (visitors' end), and track, two days a week until further notice.

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