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The Social and Industrial history of Scotland, from the Union to the present time
Nineteenth Century: 18. Sources

2. Agriculture.—Statistical Abstracts of the United Kingdom (Statistical Department of the Board of Trade); Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society; Ramsay, History of the Highland and Agricultural Society (1879); Reports of the Board of Agriculture for Scotland; Wallace, British Agriculture During the Nineteenth Century (1906), and Farm Live Stock of Great Britain (4th edition, 1907); Ritchie, Animal Life in Scotland (1920); C. N. Johnston (Lord Sands), The Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Acts, 1883-1900, and The Small Landholders' Act, 1911; Connell, The Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Acts; Landells, "Agriculture in Scotland," Ordnance Gazetteer, VI. (1885); Day, Public Administration in the Highlands and Islands (1918); Symon, "Agriculture in Scotland," Scottish Bankers Magazine (July, 1914).

3. The Mining, Iron, and Steel Industries.—Redmayne, Modern Practice in Mining (1908-11); Dron, The Coal Fields of Scotland (1912); Bone, Coal and Its Scientific Uses (1918); Bald, General View of the Coal Trade of Scotland (1808); Galloway, " Review of the Progressive Improvement of Mining in Scotland," Scottish Mining Institute, VII. (18S6); Kerr, " The Coal Mining Industry," Scottish Bankers Magazine (April, 1910); Cadell, The Story of the Forth (1913); Breniner, The Industries of Scotland (1869); Lloyd, " Report on the Resources and Production of Iron Ores, etc., used in the Iron and Steel Industry of the United Kingdom," Department of Scicntific and Industrial Research (1917); Journal of the Iron and Sleel Institute (1885 and 1901); Angus M'Lean, Local Industries of Glasgoio and the West, of Scotland (1901); Glasgow Herald Supplement (December 31, 1912); "The Iron and Steel Industries," Scottish Bankers Magazine (July, 1909); " The Scottish Mineral Oil Trade," Scottish Baidiers Magazine (January, 1913).

4. Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering.—Pollock, The Shipbuilding Industry (1905); article, " Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering," in Scottish Bankers Magazine (October, 1909); Macintyre, Marine Engineering and Shipbuilding in Local Industries of Glasgow, edited by A. M'Lean (1901); Carozzi, British Shipbuilding, 2nd edition (1919), published by Syren and Shipping, London; Supplement to the Glasgow Herald, December 31, 1912, and other years; "Marine Engineering on the Clyde," Scottish Bankers Magazine (October, 1912).

5. The Textile Industries.—Dr T. Oliver, MS. communciation to the author, and articles in The Times Textile Number (August, 1913), The Glasgow Herald Supplement (December 1914 and 1915), The Daily Mail Textile Number (August 12, 1916), The Textile Mercury of Manchester; Hall, History of Galashiels; Pringle, Peebles and Selkirk (1911) in Cambridge University Press County Geographies; Valentine, Forfarshire (1912), and Fifeshire (1910); Mort, Renfrewshire (1912) in the same series; Warden, The Linen Trade, Ancient and Modern, 2nd edition (1867); "The Floorcloth and Linoleum Industry," Scottish Bankers Magazine (July, 1913); British Association Handbook and Guide to Dundee and District (1912); Mackenzie, " The Jute Industry," Scottish Bankers Magazine (July, 1910); Bremner, The Industries of Scotland (1869); M'Lean, Local Industries of Glasgow and the West of Scotland (1901); Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland, edited by Groome (1882 seq.); The Statistical Abstracts of the United Kingdom, published by the Board of Trade do not give separate statistics of the textile industry for Scotland.

6. Secondary Industries.—Angus M'Lean, Local Industries of Glasgow and the Eest of Scotland (1901); Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute, No. II. (1885), and No. II. (1901); Bremner, The Industries of Scotland (1869); Articles in the Scottish Bankers Magazine on the "Dyeing Industry " (July, 1912), and on the "Whisky and Brewing Industries" (April, 1913, and January, 1914); Report of the British Chemical Mission to Germany (1920); Craig, A Century of Paper Making (1920).

7. Rise and Extension of Railways.—Articles on the various Railways in Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland; Bradshaw's Railway Manuel, older editions and edition of 1908; Acworth, "Scottish Railways" in Murray's Magazine (July-December, 1899); Hall Blyth, Engineering Work in Scotland, 18641914," Preceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1914-15, Part I.; G. Eyre-Todd, Glasgow To-day; "The Railway System of Scotland," Scottish Bankers Magazine (January, 1910); Groves, The Proposed Crinan Ship Canal (Ibid, January, 1913); Admiral Sir Charles Campbell, The Forth aucl Clyde Canal Scheme (Ibid, October, 1909).

8. Commercial Enterprise.—The Statistical Abstracts for the United Kingdom, annually presented to Parliament; Bremner, Industries of Scotland (1869); Webster, article on "Industries, Shipping, Trade, and Commerce " in Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland, VI. (1885); Bertram, article on Fisheries (Ibid); Chisholm, Stanford's Compendium of Geography, II. (1902); Maxwell, History of Co-operation in Scotland (1910), and First Fifty Years of St Cuthbert's Co-operative Association, 1859-1909 (1909); Milne, "Scottish Banking During the Last Ten Years," Scottish Bankers Magazine (October, 1913); Barclay, "Trustee Savings Banks" (Ibid, October, 1909); "The Fishing Industry" (Ibid, April, 1911); "The Clyde and the Shipping Trade" (Ibid, January, 1912); Kerr, History of Banking in Scotland, 3rd edition (1918); "Banking Profits in Scotland," Scottish Bankers Magazine (January, 1910); "Scottish Bank Crises of the Nineteenth Century " (Ibid, April and July, 1909).

9. The Scottish Trade Union Movement.—Sidney and Beatrice Webb, The History of Trade Unionism (1894), and Industrial Democracy (1897); Howell, The Conflicts of Capital and Labour (1878); Cole, An Introduction to Trade Unionism (1918); Hutchins and Harrison, A History of Factory Legislation (1907); J. L. and B. Hammond, The Skilled Labourer, 17601832 (1919); Beer, History of British Socialism (1919-20); Johnston, History of the Working Classes in Scotland (1920). The undue partisan spirit of this work detracts from its value as a history.

10. Education.—Universities of Scotland Acts, 1858-89; Report of the Commissioners under the Universities Act of 1858 (1863); Report of the Commissioners under the Universities Act, 1889 (1900); Public General Statutes; Craik, The State and Its Relation to Education (1896); Kerr, Scottish Education (1910), anil Memories Grave and Gay (1902); Strong, History of Secondary Education in Scotland (1909); Strong and others, The Education Act, 1918 (1919); Morgan, Education and Social Reform (1916); Grant, History of the University of Edinburgh, (1883); Coutts, History of the University of Glasgow (1909); Maitland Anderson, Matriculation Roll of St Andrews University; Votiva Tabella in commemoration of St Andrew» Quin-centenary, by various writers (1911); Rait, The University of Aberdeen.

11 and 12. Culture and Printing and Publishing. — Scott's Works; Saintsbury, Sir Walter Scott (1897); R. H. Hutton, Sir W. Scott (1878); Carlyle's Works; Nichol, Thomas Carlyle (1892); Stevenson's Works; Graham Balfour, Life of Stevenson (1901); Cornford, R. L. Stevenson (1899); Masson, Edinburgh Sketches and Memories (1892); Hepburn Miller, A Literary History of Scotland (1903); Gregory Smith, Scottish Literature (1919); James Grant, The Newspaper Press, III. (1872); Norrie, Edinburgh Newspapers Past and Present (1891); Cowper, The Edinburgh Periodical Press up to 1800 (1908); Dobson, The Ballantyne Press and its Founders, 1796-1908 (1909); Centenary of The Scotsman, 1817-1917; The Glasgow Herald, 1783-1911; The Times Printing Number (1912); T. Constable, Archibald Constable and his Literary Correspondents (1878); Rout-ledge, Discoveries and Inventions of the Nineteenth Century (1901); D. Murray, Robert and Andrew Foulis (1918); Bibliography—Its Scope and Methods (1917), and Some Letters of Robert Foulis (1917). The author also owes to Dr Murray valuable information on Glasgow printers and publishers, communicated by letter.

13. Art.—M'Kay, The Scottish School of Painting; Caw, Scottish Painting Past and Present.

14. Religious Life.—Cunningham, Church History of Scotland, II. (1882); Mathieson, Church and Reform in Scotland (1916); Watson, Social Advance (1911); Kerr, The Renaissance of Worship (1909); Black and Chrystal, Life of William Robertson Smith (1912); Debilius, Das Kirchliche Leben Schottlands (1911); Hanna, Life of Chalmers; Blaikie, Thomas Chalmers (1896); Guthrie, Life of Thomas Guthrie; Smeaton, Thomas Guthrie (1900); Donald MacLeod, Memoir of Norman MacLeod; Wellwood, Norman MacLeod (1897); Ed. Caird, Memoir of John Caird, prefixed to his posthumous Gifford Lectures on The Fundamental Ideas of Christianity (1899); Jones, Principal Caird (1898).

15. Poor Relief.—Report of the Royal Commission on Relief of the Poor in Scotland (1841); Report of the Commission on the Poor Laws and Relief of Distress (1909); Statistical Abstract for the United Kingdo?n, annually presented to Parliament, which contains statistics as to the number of paupers in any given year; Nicholls, History of the Scotch Poor Law (1856); Erskine, Principles of the Law of Scotland, 21st edition, edited by Prof. Rankine; S. and B. Webb, Industrial Democracy (1897); Social Evils and Problems, Church of Scotland Commission on the War, edited by Prof. Paterson and Dr D. Watson (1918).

16. Municipal Enterprise and Social Progress.—Mathieson, Church and Reform in Scotland (1916); Hall Blyth, Presidential Address to the Institution of Civil Engineers, Minutes of Proceedings, vol. 199 (1915); " Municipal Enterprises of Glasgow Corporation " in Local Industries of Glasgow and the West of Scotland, edited by Angus M'Lean (1901); Young,_ Report on the Evolution and Development of Public Health Administration in the City of Edinburgh from 1865 to 1919; Brief for Counsel for the Edinburgh Corporation in Connection with the Amalgamation with Leith (1920); Sir John Lindsay, Glasgow—Its Municipal Undertakings and Enterprises (1920); Municipal Glasgow, official publication (1915); Report of the Royal Commission on the Housing of the Industrial Population of Scotland (1917); Shaw, Municipal Government in Great Britain (1895); Erskine, Principles of the Law of Scotland; The Year Book of Social Progress, published by T. Nelson & Sons.

17. Shadows of Social Life.—Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee ; Gillies, The Scottish Temperance League, and other publications of the League; Purves, The Scottish Licensing Laws (1903); Chisholm, Green's Encyclopsedia of the Law of Scotland, VII, 2nd edition (1912); Reid, The Temperance (Scotland) Act, 1913 (1920); Reports of the Registrar-General for Scotland; Report of the Commission on Venereal Disease (1916); Report of the House of Lords' Comniittee on Gambling (1902); Social Evils and Problems, issued by the Church of Scotland Commission on the War (1918); Report by the National Service Medical Boards (1920).

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