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The Antiquary
A Magazine devoted to the study of the Past Edited by Edward Walford, M.A.

AS a Preface to the First Volume of The Antiquary, I think that I cannot do better than reprint my original Prospectus.

"It is with a firm belief in the above sentiments that The Antiquary has been projected. In spite of the fact that this age lives so much in the present, worships progress so keenly, and looks forward to further progress so hopefully, there is in the breast of our 'nation of shopkeepers ' a deep-seated reverence for antiquity, a religio loci, which shows itself in the popular devotion to ancient art, whether in architecture, in painting, in design, or in furniture, and in the eager reception accorded to fresh discoveries of relics or works of antiquarian interest, and which finds its expression in the hearty and general welcome accorded year after year to our leading Archaeological Societies when they make their annual excursions and hold their 'Congresses' in pleasant places."

It is hoped that a Magazine devoted to the work of cherishing and fostering the antiquarian spirit in the various paths of inquiry and research, will meet with the support which it aspires to merit. The Gentleman's Magazifie has for some time ceased to fill the position which Sylvanus Urban once held as the organ of all students of antiquity; and we desire reverently but hopefully to take up the work which he too hastily abandoned.

"We shall not, however, allow ourselves to be so restricted iin our choice of subjects as was our predecessor half a century ago. We have many other questions to discuss which were unknown to our grandfathers, or at all events unappreciated by them. The more intelligent study of History, the wide spread of Art education, the increased interest felt in the study of local traditions and dialects, as shown in the establishment of societies for promoting it; these and other causes have enlarged not only our sphere of knowledge but also our sympathies.

"Our pages will furnish original papers on such subjects as fall within the scope of our Magazine, as indicated generally in the following list; and our columns will also be freely open to correspondence on Old Abbeys, Alchemy and Witchcraft, Ancient Ballads and Dramas, Ancient Castles and Seats, Local Antiquities, Archceology, Architecture, Arms and Armour, Ancient and Modern Art, Articles of Vertu, Autographs, Bells, Books and Bookbinding, Bibliography, Eccentric and Forgotten Biography, British and Anglo-Saxon Literature, The Calendar, Cathedrals, Ceramic Art, Church Furniture, Church Restoration, Curiosa, Dress and Vestments, Early Voyages and Discoveries, Early Printing and Block Books, Epitaphs and Inscriptions, Engravings, Excavations and Explorations at Home and Abroad ; Exhibitions of Paintings, Sculptures, &c, ; Family Pedigrees, Genealogy, Heraldry, Illuminated MSS., Inns and Hostelries, Letters and Extracts from Family Archives, Local Traditions and Folk Lore, Manorial Customs and Tenures, Meetings of Learned Societies, Monumental Brasses, Numismatics, Obituary Notices of Antiquaries, Old English Poets, Travellers, &c,, Parish Registers, Picture and Art Sales, Provincial Dialects, Archaeological and Historical Books, Seals, and English and Foreign Topography.

"On all these subjects we shall endeavour as well to elicit the opinions of others as to teach and supply information ourselves; and we trust that our pages will fortn a medium of intercommunion between persons of common tastes and pursuits wherever the English language is spoken.

"With this object in view we invite correspondence from those who have a right to speak on their special subjects because they have studied them deeply and lovingly ; and we do not doubt that the result will be acceptable to a large and increasing number of readers. It is hoped that in this respect our efforts will be largely seconded by the secretaries and correspondents of local societies.

"We shall provide a column for inquiries on all subjects of antiquarian interest, without in any way trenching on the domain of our pleasant and instructive contemporary, Notes and Qtieries, for whom we feel a love and veneration second only to that which we reserve for the laced coat and ruffles of Sylvamis Urba?i. In another column our Subscribers can make known their wants of scarce volumes, engravings, prints, &c. We hall also give prominence to all information relating to art sales, whether past or approaching, while books of an antiquarian and retrospective character will be duly noticed, or reviewed at length."

It is for my readers to decide how far the above professions and promises have been realized : my duty is to thank most sincerely those writers whose pens have enabled me in some measure, I hope, to keep faith with the public.

E. Walford, M.A.
Hampstead, N.W., June, 1880.

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and others can be read on the Internet Archive.

Bearsden: A Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall
By David J Breeze (2016) (pdf)

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