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Other Great Men of Arthur's
By; Kelly d. Whittaker

The mystic of Arthur continues with the people surrounding him before, during and after his reign.  The revered names of King Arthur's knights represent a time of loyalty and chivalry to our modern era.  The legends are a now considered a very real part of Brittain's history.

Merlin, Lancelot, King Lot, King Uriens, Gawain, Gallahad and Perceval are the figures remembered do dearly in the legend of Arthur.  Who were Gawain, Perceval and Gallahad? What were their stations in Arthur's Kingdom?

Sir Gawain, remember through out the years as a loyal friend to Arthur. The new theory has found documentation that Gawain was the son of Morgan Le Faye and King Lot.  Actually making Gawain the nephew of King Arthur and might explain the favoritism that Arthur showed the young man.  Arthur took Gawain to the Grail Castle to worship. Gawain remained close to Arthur even until Arthur was killed.  Sir Gawain became the protecting Knight of the Grail Castle.  While Arthur was alive, Gawain did get to wield Excalibur in Arthur's place.

Perceval was a cousin to Lancelot and Gawain.  He was a bit younger than them.   King Percyvelle of the Waste Lands was Perceval's father and his mother, the widow lady of Camelot, Lufamour.  Lufamour seems to be the daughter of Morgan Le Faye and King Lot. This would make Perceval Arthur's nephew.  Perceval became the King of Grail Castle after completing his Holy Quest.  He married Blanchefleur the daughter of King Clamadex.

Here was a true battle for the love of one's religion.  Morgan Le Faye's eldest son by Arthur was made the High Priest of the Celtic Church.  Perceval the youngest son of Morgan's was made the Grail King.  Again, old against new, Older against younger. What a time of turmoil for Arthur's Kingdom!  Perceval was the last Grail King.

Sir Gallahad was the son of Lancelot and Lady Elaine.  He too descends from the Grail Kings on his maternal side.  He was the last of the Grail Lords that assigned twelve men to the "Order of the Saynt Graall."

The Grail Castle was destroyed after Perceval.  What was the Grail? What was the Round Table?  All of these famous men served both.  The new theory of both of these will be explained in the next story.



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