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Scots Australian History
Diary of William Brown

Diary of William Brown, on the Bann, Greenock to Sydney, March - June 1884

Cath McphersonTuesday 25th March
The wind continued light all night & up till breakfast time and than it became very calm. The sailors was bussy getting the anchors pute in there proper place today, they donít be expecting to require them till we reach sydney. After breakfast the doctor ordered all the beds to be taken up on deck to get them aired but by 12 oíclock it came on to rain & we hade to take our Beds down. We sighted a Sailing ship after dinner & we spoke to her in the afternoon. A good breeze sprang up & we were sailing from 10 to 12 knots an hour.
At noon today were in Lat 50-10 N, Long 16-10 W

Wednesday 26th March
Wind continued steddy all night. A steamer crossed our bows this morning about 6 am & we sighted another steamer at 2 pm. The wind continued steddy untill 6.00 pm when it fell away grately.
At noon today we were in Lat 46-8 N, Long 15-56 W, Miles 241 since yesterday at noon.

Thursday 27th March
We rose this morning as soon as daylight came in. I did not stop fifteen minutes she rolled very heavy all night and the wind was whistling very strong. In the morning yet the heavy wave that struck her last night has washed away the married womenís W C which was standing amidships & also washed loose a lifeboat & damaged it, it is not fit to be used and two hen cases with fowls in them 4 sheep and several young piges found a watery grave. One of the sailors got himself severely bruised a sea washed him against the poop deck did look like it was rough last night all the ropes was strayed about the deck on top of each other & pieces of wood. It took the sailors most of the day to put the ropes in their place.
At 11 am a single man Thomas Hart preached a sermon on the deck and another married man held service in the afternoon. There was grate debates up till late amongst the single men about religion.
At noon today we were in Lat 32-19 N, Long 20-36 W, Course S 22 W, 245 miles

Monday 31st March
This was a fine morning & a gentle breaze blowing. We hade a nice shower of rain after breakfast. Then the sun came out very hott. Every one that had there boxes marked & wanted got them up on deck today to get any cloths out they wanted and then they were put down in the hold. It was a very bussy day with us.
We were in Lat 29-28 N, Long 22-87, Course S 27 W, 193 miles

Tuesday April 1st
This is a nice day but not mutch wind the carpenter finished the reparing of the cross jack yard & it was histed up into its proper place so that let us get two more sails up. 
At noon we were in Lat 27-44 N, Long 22-18 W, Course S, 104 miles.
We had our beds on deck today getting aired. One young mans blankets blew overboard & he took some other ones & there was grate ructions up till 12 midnight

Wednesday 2nd April
The sea is very calm with a light breaze of wind but the sun is getting very strong. We sighted a lot of porpises today it took up our attention a bit.
Lat 26-17 n, Long 22-58 W, Course S 22 W, 98 miles

Thursday 17th April
This is a beautiful day, smooth sea, light wind & very hott. Mrs Young took a fitt about breakfast time & another at about noon.
We were in Lat 3-3 S, Long 25-30 W, Course S 40 W

Friday 18th April
We have a nice steddy wind today. Mrs Young took another fitt this morning. We saw a ship today a long way off.
At noon we were at Lat 5-51 S, Long 28-35 W, Course S 50 W, 263 miles.

Saturday 19th April
The wind is very light and raining. The doctor was down examining quarters today. We have been trying for baking powder for making duff we make duff twice a week He promised to give it today. It is only the second time the doctor has given us a call.
At noon. We were in Lat 8-15 S, Long 29-53 W, Course S 28 W, 164 miles

Sunday 20th April
The sun is very warm today, mustered at 9 am for roll call. Doctor read a sermon today. T Hart preached in the afternoon, another two men held a preach in the evening.
At noon we were in Lat 11-18 s, Long 31-84 W, Course S 22 W, 189 miles

Monday 21st April
It is a very nice day but rainstorm. A birth on board this morning, a girl & alls well. We sighted two sailing Ships one was very near. We have a beautiful sunset tonight.
At noon we were in Lat 13-59 S, Long 32-20 W, Course S 24 W, 169 miles.

Tuesday 22nd April
We hade a pretty strong wind last night but it did not last long.
At noon we were in Lat 16-28 S, Long 33-47 W, Course S 21 W, 169 miles

Wednesday 23rd April
It is not quite so warm today. The people in genaril appears to be in good health with the exception of one woman. She has been sick since we left & two young men have been very sick in my mess up till lately.
At noon we were in Lat 19-11 S, Long 35-12 W, Course S 24 W, 185 miles

Thursday 24th April
A gentle breaze all day. A few birds following us today. We saw a ship off our starbord bow but a long way of.
At noon we were in Lat 22-5 S, Long 36-9 W, Course S 20 W, 186 miles

Friday 25th April
The wind is mutch the same as yesterday. A birth abord last night & another this morning. A vassal crossed our bow this morning.
At noon we were in Lat 23-50 S, Long 35-37 W, Course S 16 E, 112 miles.

Saturday 26th April
This is a very nice day but not mutch wind. We had a very nice concert this afternoon. It finished up with a negro entertainment.
At noon we were in lat 25-57 S, Long 34-58 W, Course S 16 W, 130 miles.

Sunday 27th April
This is a beautiful day but very little wind. WE mustered for roll call as usual this morning & the Doctor read a sermon also
At noon we were in Lat 27-19 S, Long 34-35 W, Course S 14 E, 85 miles

Monday 28th April
This is the calmest morning we have hade yet. We got our boxes up on deck today again for taking cloths out. The sick man that is in the hospital is getting mutch better. The W C Constable was dismissed today. The one that took it today has given it up. The passengers was stopping him so for taking XX.
At noon we were in Lat 28-16 S, Long 35-50 W, Course S 21 W, 62 miles.
The breaze is mutch stronger 6-0 pm

Tuesday 29th April
This was a nice day with a gentle breaze but I feel an odds on the weather. We are wearing into the cold again. We passed a sailing ship about 2-0 pm. We hade a slight shower of rain this afternoon the wind sprang up mutch stronger.
At noon we were in Lat 30-18 S, Long 35-00 W, Course S, 130 miles.
The bread that we have been getting is very inferior bread. We have hade several meetings about it, protesting against it & deputations to the doctor & Captain so they have pute the Bakers out and pute in two passengers to see if they can make it better. They start tonight & 6-0 pm. There was a fight in the single mens quarters last night. It commenced in fun but it ended in blows.

Wednesday 30th April
I got up at 2 am this morning. Itís a rule that we have to stand a dog watch in the night time. Everyone takes a turn, 2 men on each watch as I was on from 2 to 4 am. The married people and the single women has to do the same every one for there own quarters. I have just hade my breakfast from the new bread & there is a vast improvement on it.
We have a steddy but not very strong wind. The sea is a little rough.
At noon we were in Lat 32-58 S, Long 33-10 W, Course S 32 E

Thursday 1st May
This is the first day of another month. I think we may make up our mind not to get any crudds or cream. The breaze is very strong today. The sea is running very heavy & dull & cluddy above. The wind is blowing fair astern & ski-rolls a bit & shipping a sea now & then. She goyes along steddiest when the swing in the weather off the quarters. We are making about 14 knots an hour. Today she looks very well when she is sailing under full sail. She carries 4 jibes sails on the bow sprit 7 on the fore mast, square sails & 4 stay-sails, 7 square sails on the main mast, 6 square on the mizen mast & 1 spanker.
At noon we were in Lat 34-46 S, Long 28-25 W, Course S 63 E, 233 miles.

Friday 2nd May
This is a very dull day & rains Heavy & the sea is very rough with a very strong breaze. We have been making 14 knots throughout the night & the wind increased rather stronger about 10 am. A few of the sails was taken in. A chain gave way that was holding the corner of the topsail & in a short time the upper & lower degallant sails on the fore-mast was blowing to ribbons. She was sailing about 16 knots on to when the sails burst. They gave a very loud report, one would think it was a report from a cannon.
At noon we were in Lat 39-62 S, Long 24-00 W, Course S 45 E, 343 miles.
The Bann is letting us see what she can do. One would think she would run to Austrillea with the spread that is on her before she stopped.

Saturday 3rd May
I was glad to get out of bed this morning. She rolled very bad during the night & is rolling still. Between wash basens & tines rolling about the deck I donít think I slept 15 minutes during the night. We are sailing in the trough of the sea; tilts very heavy.
Lat 40-20 S, Long 20-30 W, 212 miles.

Sunday 4th May
This is a pleasant clear day with a strong breaze. She is flying through it, shipping a sea at intervals of the weather side. She does not roll so much as she was doing but still it takes one that has got his sea-legs to walk the deck, yet the roll was called Ďas usual.í This morning at 10 am there was no preaching today. The doctor has been unable to come from his room the last few dayes through a sore foot he has.
At noon we were in Lat 40-00 S, Long 16-00 W, Course S, 235 miles.
Another birth abord this morning early. It is rather cold getting. There are a few of the passengers not agreeing with it & I a member.

Monday 5th May
There have been a vast change today from yesterday. We were becalmed from 10 am till noon, losing ground. If anything, she is very steddy. We have a large number of sea birds round about us today. The officers is catching them with line & a hook & a piece of pork for a bate. They are so hungry that they swallow it rite off. They are very large birds, thick coat of feathers on them. They skin them & make ladies muffs out of the skin. By 6 pm we hade a good wind blowing.
At noon we were in Lat 40-16 S, Long 12-20 W, Course S 78 E, 176 miles.

Tuesday 6th May
I got out of bed about 5 am. I was surprised to see it blowing so stiff. All hands was called on deck to take in the sail & we are in a manner hoved to. We are keeping up to the wind as close as we can. Itís nearly a head-wind & it comes in strong gusts. The sea is rising very fast & she is rolling a good deal. The first child that was born died during the night & was Buried at 12 noon today. It was sewed in a canvice bag, brought out of the cabin on a board. The union jack flag was hoisted half-mast & the captain read the burial sermon & the corpse was commended to the deep in Lat 41-27 S, Long 10-36 E, Course S 48 E, 106 miles.

Wednesday 7th May
I arose about 8 am. The wind is not quite so strong today but still blowing out of the same direction. We are still lying close to the wind. Itís very cold getting, we expect the wind to change soon. As a rule it does not blow long out of that direction.
At noon we were in Lat 42-35 S, Long 8-9 W, Course S 43 E, 94 miles.

Thursday 8th May
This is a very dull day but the wind is more in our favour than it has been for a few days. About 1 dozen of young men has been appointed firemen in the Fire Brigade. The hade fire drill at 4 pm. All the passengers was ordered down below. Some of them didnít go down. The firemen showered the water about every one they came across & a few of them got wet through.
At noon we were in Lat 43-45 S, Long 7-21 W, Course S 29 E, 72 miles.

Friday 9th May
We have a very strong breaze today but a heavy head sea. We are keeping as close to the wind as we can to keep on our course. She is pitching a good deal & shipping seas over the bow. It is very cold.
At noon we were in Lat 44-33 S, Long 3-22 W, Course S 75 E, 94 miles.

Saturday 10th May
The wind is still very strong but very cold & miserable. The deck has not been dry for the last two weeks. We have more canvice on today than we have hade during the week.
At noon we were in Lat 45-11 S, Long 1-11 E, Course S 79 E, 200 miles.

Sunday 11th May
We have a very strong breaze today but itís the mizerablist day we have had, very cold & raining all day long.
At noon we were in Lat 45-44 S, Long 5-41 E, Course S 80 E, 194 miles.

Monday 12th May
This is a nice clear day and a strong breaze in our favour. When the log was hove she was sailing about 15 knots an Hour.
At noon we were in Lat 45-40 S, Long 12-53 E, Course E, 194 miles.
The Bann is gone to show her colours yet. One of the stay sails burst in the afternoon & the wind is still very strong. The sea has risen grately since morning, itís running with us. With regards to the food we have been getting, itís nothing eaxtry, neather in quality nor quantity. 8 men in a mess gets 5 lbs of bread daily & any amount of sea biscuits. We have tea or coffy and beans. For Breakfast, duff & salt Beef for dinner & bread & tea for Supper. We get flower & currens & raisens twice a week for making the duff.

Tuesday 13th May
A nice clear day, the best we have hade for some time. One of the young that is backing for us is in the mess that I am in. His Birth day was on Sunday, so we held it last night. We saved up a part of our flower & he backed shortbread & other fancy bread & we hade a very good tea & plenty to eat for once on the Bann. We hade a few songs & a tune on the accordion. We had poratch, Bread & tea for breakfast, pork & pea supp for Dinner, bread & tea for supper.
At noon we were in Lat 43-38 S, Long 16-20 E Course N 44 E, 240 miles.

Wednesday 14th May
This was a dull wet morning but it cleared about midday, a light breaze all day. We get tea & Bread for Breakfast on Wednesday, Preserved potatoes & Mutton & rise for dinner.
At noon we were in Lat 43-38 S, Long 19-20 E, Course N 80 E, 167 miles.

Thursday 15th May
This is a nice clear morning, a little sharp & cold with a steddy breaze. We get tea & Bread for Breakfast. Duff & Salt Beef for dinner & tea bread for supper.
At noon we were in Lat 44-3 S, Long 25-04 E, Course N 84 E, 240 miles.

Friday 16th May
This is a sharp cold day, something like a frosty day at home. We have a strong breaze blowing yet & very favourable. Breakfast & supper is always the same xxx twice a week.
Preserved mutton, potatoes & rice for dinner.
At noon we were in Lat 43-49 S, Long 30-0 E, Course N 86 E, 230 miles.

Saturday 17th May
This is a day watch the same as yesterday with a very favourable wind. We are sliding through it with most of the sails set today. Pork & pea supp for dinner.
At noon we were in Lat 43-32 S, Long 35-55 E, Course N 86 E, 251 miles.

Sunday 18th May
We have still a very strong breaze today yet, but very cold & showers of rain at intervals.
At noon we were in Lat 43-27 S, Long 41-00 E, Course N 89 E, 250 miles.
Preserved mutton & Potatoes & rice for dinner. This is the food we have been getting & itís likely to continue. Every week is the same.

Monday 19th May
This is rather a dull day & the wind is picking up. It has been showery all day.
At noon we were in Lat 43-10 S Long 47-46 E, Course N 87 E, 304 miles.

Tuesday 20th May
The wind is not quite so strong but itís still very cold. I did not think it would of got so cold as it has been, but itís not so bad when itís dry above.
At noon we were in Lat 43-10 S Long 52-40 E, Course E, 212 miles.

Wednesday 21st May
This was a dull drizzeling wet morning up to midday. The wind is rising gradually. It was very quiet last night.
At noon we were in Lat 43-10 S, Long 55-38 E, Course E, 130 miles.

Thursday 22nd May
This is a nice mild day. We have had a steddy breaze all night & it still continues. Another Birth last night & one this morning.
At noon we were in Lat 43-21 S, Long 61-25 E, Course S 55 E, 253 miles.

Friday 23rd May
This was a nice clear morning up till 10 am, the wind fell almost away & it drissiled & rained all day.
At noon we were in Lat 43-43 S, Long 67-10 E Course S 57 E, 240 miles.

Saturday 24th May
The wind is very strong today, it sprang up about midnight. It was very wet from 10 am to 3 pm. I just received a letter -

ďShip Bann, 23rd 1884.
Mr. W. R. Williams Presents his compliments to Mr. Wm. Brown.
I request the favor of your company at my Birthday Party on May 24th at 5.0 pm in the forecastle.
P.S. You are requested to bring your own plate-tin, tea spoon, knife & fork.
W.R. Williams.Ē

This is our cook that is giving the party.
Lat 44-06 S, Long 70-49 E, Course S 82 E, 166 miles.

Sunday 25th May
We have a strong breaze blowing today. The sea is very rough. We are shipping some heavy seas. The Emigrants has been later in getting out of bed since the cold weather came in, so the captain wonít allow any food to be issued from the gally untill all hands is out of bed & the flower (floor?) cleaned.
At noon we were in Lat 44-20 S, Long 77-14 E, Course S 87 E, 280 miles.
I was at the cookís spread last night and there was any amount of food, more than we could eat & I enjoyed myself very well. I could bet one every nite like it.

Monday 26th May
A clear sharp cold day with a steddy breaze. Last night about 6 pm we were caught in a squall & all of a sudden the wind changed & she rolled very mutch & shipped some heavy seas & still doing so today. One seaman was knocked down with a chain & slightly bruised. The stearsman reached his side holding on to the Helm.
At noon we were in Lat 44-30 S Long 83-56 E, Course S 88 E, 268 miles.

Tuesday 27th May
This is rather a dull day & the wind is falling off grately, but still a heavy swell on the sea.
At noon we were in Lat 44-43 S, Long 90-10 E, Course S, 286 miles.

Wednesday 28th May
This is the coldest day we have had yet & a strong breaze blowing. We hade a shower of hail today. A child died about 5 am, 14 months old was buried at 12.30 today.
At noon we were in Lat 43-38 S, Long 95-31 E, Course N 75 E, 246 miles.

Thursday 29th May
This was a nice clear morning & a strong breaze up till 10 am. We were under full sail. The wind increased & came in sudden squales, all the sails was taken in with the exception of a few to steddy her & it rained very heavy up till 2.0 pm, Then the wind changed and fell away all in a sudden & then she commenced to roll & shipped some heavy seas & it turned out to be a good evening.
At noon we were in Lat 44-2 S, Long 101-10 E, Course S 54 E, miles 244.

Friday 30th May
Itís still very cold & squally yet they come very sudden & strong but they donít last long. Commonly, a shower of hail along with them. Other two births abord last night. Twines.
At noon we were in Lat 43-53 S, Long 106-38 E, Course N 88 E, 222 miles.
We hade of the gratest showers of Hail ever I saw for the time it lasted. 15 minutes & the deck was covered & then we were snowballing for an hour afterwards.

Saturday 31st May
The squales continued most of the night with showers of hail. The wind is very steddy today, we have all sail set. We expect in the Longitude of the coast of Australia tonight, itís in 115.
At noon we were in Lat 43-57 S Long 111-43 E, Course S 89 E, 238 miles.
Another death at 1 pm. A boy 3 years old. The mother of it gave birth to one a few weeks ago about 5 pm. The wind began to increase & the sailors commenced to take in the sails. They took them all in but 2 or three. By 5 pm the wind was blowing at a furious rate. The boy that died was buried between 8 & 9 pm. The wind is fair astern, we running on front of it. All hands was aloft, reefing a sail on the fore mast. One the name of Campbell it was, blowing down, he fell rite on top of the hatch way. He is severely bruised about the thy. He fell a distance of 40 feet, had it not been a piece of canvas across the hatch to keep the rain from coming down, his injuries would have been more severe. He fell upon a round tree 6 inch in diameter. He broke it clean through. By 10 pm the wind was whistling a furious rate. I went to bed.

Sunday 1st June
I got up about 8 am & was soon on deck to see what it was like. I was surprised to see the Sea. I never saw such waves before. The Bann looked like a tree in a winter day with all the leaves blowing off it. Only two sails set, one on the fore mast & one on the main. We were running on front of it. The one time you would think she was standing upon her stearn & the next upon her bow. She had shipped very heavy seas during the night right over the stern. A port Hole glass was burst in the single womenís quarters. I believe it was a sight to see them at the time it burst. However one of them was plucky as push her blanket into the hole. All the iron plates screwed upon the Port Holes after that happened. The wind is still very strong yet & some very heavy seas coming abord. The decks is just flotting with water 3 or 4 feet deep. We could not get any stores today. We hade to live on hard biscuits. She shipped a very heavy sea about 10 am & smashed the married womenís W C to pieces about midday. They goose-winged the fore sail to keep her head up. About 5 pm she was rolling very bad. The seas was rolling in at the one side & out at the other. The wind is gradually abated & they set a few more sails, made her much steddyer.
At noon we were in Lat 45-44 S, Long 117-23 E Course S 11 E, miles 268.
One of the officers sayes the glass was lower than ever he saw it. Before, the captain sayes it was the tail of a Cyclone we got into.

Monday 2nd June
This is a clear sharp morning with sudden squalls now & then. They are very unfavourable. We are good bit off our course today on account of the storm, we hade to runn with the wind.
At noon we were in Lat 47-0 S, Long 121-37 E, Course S 68 E, 202 miles.

Tuesday 3rd June
This was a nice clear morning but very cold with several showers of Hail in the afternoon & we set more sails. The wind is very steddy & the sea has falling to its old pitch again.
At noon we were in Lat 46-27 S, Long 126-18 E, Course N 80 E, 198 miles.

Wednesday 4th June
This is a clear sharp day, very cold. At noon the breaze was very light.
In Lat 45-33 S Long 131-38 E course N 77 E, Miles 233.

Thursday 5th June
This was a beautiful morning. When I got up it was a nice sunrise, but by 8 am it was overcast with a dull Hazling rain, which continued all day, but a very steddy breaze blowing.
At noon we were in Lat 45-37 S Long 136-10 E, Course E, 192 miles.

Friday 6th June
A nice strong breaze & making good time today.
At noon we were in Lat 46-36 S, Long 143-13 E, Course S 81 E, 313 miles.

Saturday 7th June
This is a nice day, itís much warmer than it was a few days ago with a strong wind blowing off the coast, We are as far east as we require to go, so we will have a dead Head wind if it donít change soon.
At noon we were in Lat 46-36 S, Long 149-17 E, Course 82 E, 246 miles.

Sunday 8th June
This is a splendid day with a strong breaze, but still ahead.
At noon we were in Lat 45-10 S, Long 153-38 E, course N 74 E, 192 miles.
We are away 2 degrees past Sydney.
At noon itís in Long 151.
Another death this afternoon, a girl 14 months old & buried about 8.30 pm.

Monday 9th June
Still a head wind and no signs of it changing, but a beautiful day. All hands got into there luggage today & the boxes put down again.
At noon we were in Lat 44-5 S, Long 156-58 E, Course N 66 E, 158 miles.
We are as near to new Zealand as Australia at noon.

Tuesday 10th June
This is a beautiful morning, a very calm sea with a slight breaze, but still ahead. By 3 pm, the wind had almost died away, with a shower of rain.
At noon we were in Lat 42-2 S, Long 159-47 E, Course N 43 E, 118 miles.

Wednesday 11th June
A beautiful morning but no wind yet. This is the longest calm we have had. I think the Bann has given it up. Grate betting when she will arrive & a sweep stake also.
At noon we were in Lat 41-35 S, Long 160-9 E, Course N 30 E, 32 miles.
A gentle breaze sprang up in the afternoon, but very unfavourable.

Thursday 12th June
A dull morning with showers of rain, but cleared up in the afternoon with a steddy breaze, but still ahead. We shifted our tack today.
In Lat 40-43 S, Long 157-41 E, Course N 67 W, 134 miles.
This is the first tack we have made. We are getting a very cool reception to Australia, to be so near to the promised land & no appearance of getting nearer today. Itís getting aggrivating to think we have came so far & to get the door shut.

Friday 13th June
This was a splendid day, but no wind during the forepart of the day. But it changed in the afternoon to a favourable direction to take us to Sydney if it lasts a few days, but the winds are very changeable so near the coast.
At noon we were in Lat 40-11 S, Long 154-27 E, Course N 18 W, 34 miles.

Saturday 14th June
Another good day and still a fovourable wind, although not very strong. The anchor chains was brought up out of the locker and attached to the anchors today. The sailors are bussy washing the paint-work around the deck.
At noon we were in Lat 37-58 S, Long 154-55 E, Course N 55 W, 189 miles.

Sunday 15th June
This is rather a dull day with showers of rain, but a favourable wind & a very strong one. The evening looks rather rough & the anchors was swung ready for dropping. We are nearing land now.
At noon we were in Lat 35-16 S, Long 153-4 E, Course N 24 W

Monday 16th June
The ship was hove to at 8 pm last night till 6 am this morning. It was dull, with showers of rain all day long. We were just sailed about two hours when we sighted that promised land we have so long looked for it. It was a happy sight to see. All the passengers was ordered down below as we was nearing the heads, to give the sailors room to do there work, but it would of taken a Regement of soldiers to keep them down. I got into the gally & stayed there. By 9 am we were opposite the entrance to port jackson about 2 miles off. The captain made a mistake in not picking up the heads in time. We sailed rite past about 6 or 7 miles. The ship was pute about at 10.00 am, made another shape for Sydney, but without success. The wind had changed by the time we were within a mile of the heads. The ship was pute about again & out to sea. We went out almost as far as we were on Sunday. It rained very heavy in the evening. The captain & the first mate had a few words about passing the Heads. The mate noticed them, but the captain did not take his word. We had a wind blowing at the time to take the ship inside the Heads. It was a disappointment indead after coming so near the spot & not to have seen land for so long a time. It was very good navigation, I think.

Tuesday 17th June
I got out of bed at 3 am. We are in sight of the lighthouse. A nice clear morning, but very little wind. We are making for the lighthouse once more. Itís a revolving light & a splendid light as nead to be.
By 5 am, a tug, the Commodore, came alongside of us & asked what we was & where we came from and what we was. ďShip Bann of GreenockĒ the captain replied. It took the captain half an hour making a bargain what the tug was to cost. The tug rope was passed on board & by 8 am we were anchored in quarinteen a few miles from Sydney.
The health officer came on board & inspected the ship & called the roll. Our boxes was brought on deck & any dirty clothes we had in them was taken out & every one of the single men went ashore to wash there own in a new laundry for the purpose, with every accomedation about it & Hospital close-by in case of fever coming in abord of any ship.
I was ashore about 4 hours & I did enjoy it. I am highly pleased with the part of New South Wales I have seen. We are lying into a small bay of the river side that runns into Sydney.

Wednesday 18th June
This is a beautiful day. We are still in quarinteen. The married people was ashore today washing there cloths. All the single girls was taken away to Sydney this forenoon in a small ferry boat.

Thursday 19th June
The Bann was removed from quarinteen up to port jackson by 11 am. We were lying a short distance off Sydney. Itís a beautiful place around the harbour.
Mr. Wise, the emigration agent, came abord & gave us a lecture. Also a minister & a Priest. The roll was called & all passed by these gentlemen & was asked if we had any Ďcomplementí (complaint) with regards not being properly treated during the passage, but I donít think there was any Ďcomplemantsí made, although plenty of them was threatning during the passage what they would do on reaching Sydney. A few was very hard to please & they did torment the captain & Doctor with diputations. The doctor told us once, had he known the class of people he had to deal with, he would not have came with the Bann.
After dinner we were taken ashore with a steam launch & all who wished to stay on board till Saturday, could do so.

The Captain & officers was presented with a written address from the emigrants two dayes after we arrived.

I hope this will not prevant any one from coming to the sunny shores of Australia, although we hade some very rough weather. Every one dose not encounter the same. I will conclude with best respects to all.

William Brown



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