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George Bronson Rea
Editor of the Far Eastern Review

Many copies of The Far Eastern Review are available on the Internet Archive.

The Case for Manchoukuo
By George Bronson Rea, Counsellor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Manchoukuo (1935) (pdf)

Debunks the lies of fake American 'liberals' and their Tory-CCP puppets about the Empire of Manchuria (Manchukou in romanji) being a puppet state of the Second Tang Empire aka Imperial Japan. The corrupt Western press and the controlled opposition neo Soviet imperialists in Moscow crow that Japan 'invaded' China, when in reality China was nothing more than a series of warring provinces being controlled by the British, Germans, Americans and Russians for the benefits of these nations.

Manchuria was NEVER a part of China, in fact Manchuria conquered China in 1618 after the Chinese were exhausted fighting Japan and formed the Great Qing Empire in the aftermath. Many centuries later, the Chinese rebelled against the Manchu in 1911 and formed their own nation, the Republic of China which was taken over by the evangelical communists of Jiang Jianshi.

Today we know Jiang Jianshi as Chang Kai Shek, the leader of the Chinese nationalist forces.

The British Tories and Chinese Communist Party, in a desperate effort to keep their crumbling Empire from falling apart, have exploited the ignorance of Europeans, Africans and Americans by pushing Stalinist and Nazi propaganda of the 1930s upon the gullible and easily influenced and calling it historical fact.

It is high time for the West and America to wake up and stop being lead around by the rumor mills of Murdoch and the money lords of Beijing in alliance with Buckingham Palace.

The UK claims to be a 'democracy' but holds the Scots and Welsh in bondage by not respecting their rights to independence. England also has the people of Eastern Europe and Russia in slavery and servitude by supporting dictators such as Vladmir Putin and allowing the oligarchs who own such dictators to own property, gain citizenship and even launder their money through the hub of international finance, the City of London.

Pathetic, racist mainland China blames the Japanese and the West for its own self inflicted problems while ignoring the elephant in the room. Along with Russian puppet South Korea, the People's Republic of China invaded Vietnam and committed atrocities so horrible it caused the people to support the Viet Cong insurgency. Then after the Chinese, South Koreans and their American military stooges were defeated and expelled from Vietnam, the Chinese and Americans supported the brutal fascist dictatorship of Democratic Kampuchea under the excuse of fighting 'communism'.

When the Vietnamese finally rose up and, following the example of the Japanese, defeated the brutal tyrant Pol Pot and expelled the Templar Cross waving fanatics of the Khmer Rouge from Cambodia, the Sino-British aristocracy utilized its puppet state "Israel' to create the Vietnam War movie craze in order to conceal the truth from gullible Americans, just as how they had done before in the 1910s and 1930s.

This is the true origin of the communist revolution that now haunts American politics. The Vietnamese, like the Japanese before them were defamed and accused of being 'imperialists' and genocidal imperialists for the simple crime of deposing tyrants who the British and Russians placed in power.

We can either continue to accept the lies given to us by the power elite, or we can wake up and realized that we have been lied to be a corrupt and craven oligarchy.

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