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Fact or Fable
By; Kelly d. Whittaker

The legend of King Arthur has survived from the 6th century.   People still debate on whether Arthur was a myth or a real King of Briton.   Many scholars have recorded Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and Gunivere.   The records were recorded some 100 years after Arthur had died.  Deep skepticism has formed on the possible birth and death of Arthur.  The Welsh claim Arthur as their son but recent interpretations of the old manuscripts suggest that Arthur, Lancelot, Galahad and Cornwall were all Scots or Celts of Dalriada.

A modern scholar by the name of Norma Lorre Goodrich spent 15 years as a linguistics specialist of over twenty-two different languages, researching the manuscripts of the legendary Arthur.  Mrs. Goodrich went to the countries that had these manuscripts, on a quest to prove the legend was real.  Her feelings are very similar to many historians, that there is a shred of truth in every legend told.  She had to find that shred of evidence.

Arthur Pendragon was born in 559 in the castle of his mother Ygerna del Acqs.  Ygerna or Igraine was the True High Queen of the Celtic Kingdoms.  Igraine was married to Gwyr-Llew, Dux of Carlisle.  The Scots Chronicle records the event as thus:

Becaus at ye heire if Brytan was maryit wy tane Scottis man quen ye Kinrik wakit, and Arthure was XV yere alde, ye Brytannis maid him king be ye devilrie of Merlynge, and yis Arthure was gottyn onn ane oyir mannis wiffe, ye Dux of Caruele.

The Historia Regum Brittanniae by Geoffrey of Monmouth states that the Warlord of Carlisle was literally spirited away to the southern West Country to become Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall. 

Arthur’s father was King Aedan of Dalriada the youngest son of  King Constantine.  Arthur was recognized as the King of Britain at the time his father was crowned the King of  what is now Scotland.  In 575 is when Columba ordained the two Pendragons. King Constantine was the first Roman Christian monarch.  Arthur was a Roman Christian as well.  His mother, Igraine wanted him to make the Celtic Christian Church the Church of the Britons. 

Arthur’s half sister, Anna married King Loth of Lothian and had several children including Gawain and Lancelot.  Gawain, Lancelot and Arthur were all trained at a military instillation in Sweetheart which is now New Abbey across the Nith River near Dumfries.

The Merlin was a mortal man as well as Arthur, Lancelot, Gawain, Constantine and King Aedan.  Merlin was the title for the Seer to the King.  His birth name was Emrys of Powys.  He was the chief advisor for both Pendragon Kings.  He was also an elder cousin of Aedan Mac Gabran.  The Merlin did prophisy the future.  He told King Aedan that he would be alive to see all three of his sons die in battle as the Celtic Christians fought the Roman Christians for the Head of the Island.

Arthur did have a ancestral relationship with his half-sister Morgan Le Fay that lead to a son by the name of Modred being born.  The Celtic Church did not see this as being wrong for they believe that there is a Male and a Female that makes up God. Therefore the union between Morgana and Arthur was blessed.  This created a whole ruler for the Celts of Britain.

Morgana or Morgan Le Fey raised Modred to be the Head of the Celtic Christian Church.   This was after Arthur had proved to be a Roman Christian.  Modred also had the same roman soldier training that his father and uncles had received. 

There is a misconception of Arthur being Welsh for a very good reason. During the 6th century there were two Arthurs.  The one this story is based on and the second was Arthur Prince of Dyfed whom was installed by St. Dubricius in 506.  This Arthur was a descendant of the Deisi leaders from Ireland that were the enemies of the Welsh.  The confusion is from the Merlin connection.  Merlin’s father was Aurelious of Powys.  Aurelious’ wife was the sister Arthur of Dyfed.  This made Merlin the nephew of Arthur of Dyfed while at the same time the cousin to Arthur Mac Gabran the Pendragon. 

Through out this story, please keep in mind that the Welsh and the Scots were allies and had towns and villages of very similar names.  Only with modern translations can both Arthurs be identified. 

King Arthur did marry Queen Gwenhwyfar of Brittany.  Gwenhwyfar is know to us as Gunivere or modern translation of Jennifer.  Gunivere was a Celt priestess and a Queen by her own rights.  She was recorded by Columba as being a fierce fighting woman.  Sir Lancelot was actually her knight before her and Arthur were married.   She brought Lancelot into the Pendragon’s service.

The treacherous affair between Lancelot and Gunivere was recorded by the St. Columba and other scholars at the time.  King Urien of Gorre makes a declaration of war because he claimed Gunivere and her lands as his.  King Urien actually kidnaps the Queen. Lancelot comes to her rescue that in turn leads to their affair.



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