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Lancelot the Angus
By; Kelly d. Whittaker

Sir Lancelot is a fairy tale to most.   The brave gallant knight that rescued Queen Guinevere from an abduction by her strongest enemy.  The Lady of the Lake plays a large roll in the up-bringing of Lancelot and Guinevere.  Lancelot states, “I come from across the Lake,” when he introduces himself to Arthur.  The reason being that he was raised by the dynamic, Lady of the Lake. Guinevere was also raised by the same Lady of the Lake.   The Lady sent Lancelot to Guinevere’s service when he reached manhood. 

Lancelot was sent by the Lady to kill three kings and learn his real name. Who was Lancelot and where does his name stem from?  Lancelot conquered three kingdoms, “Patrick of the Hill Fort”, “Lymors” and “Der Kal.”   These lands entailed parts of Edinburgh, Tantallon, Berwick and Melrose.  The last kingdom he won was “Der Kal”, which translates from King Ulrich’s Welsh dwr meaning river and cal or Kal meaning winding.  Cal (winding) + Der (river) = Calder.  There are two Calders on the Southwest side of Edinburgh both on the sandy shores of the Almond River.

The Lady of the Lake wanted Lancelot to win his rightful fortress named “Dodone.”   Lancelot first had to fight Prince Meleagant whom held the mighty fortress. There had been two previous matches between Meleagant and Lancelot in which Lancelot won but King Ulrich allowed Meleagant to live.  The third and final battle, Guinevere was there to witness the defeat of Meleagant.  Guinevere gave the order for Lancelot to behead Meleagant. 

Once Meleagant was beheaded, he heard a woman’s voice cry out to him, “You are Gallahad.”  The name of Lancelot was after his grandfather Galahad or Anguslus which translates to Angus.  Lancelot by birth was The Angus.  King Anguselus, King Loth and King Hoel (Howell) were all three present at the coronation of King Arthur. The lands of Dodone was in Guinevere’s dowry to Arthur.  Arthur gave the old lands of King Orge to Ulrich upon Arthur’s marriage to Guinevere to prevent a war.   These are the
lands that Lancelot won. 

The modern position of these lands is Sterlingshire.  Stirling Castle is built on the ruins of Dodone.  Lancelot is derived from the Old French; l’Ancelot, in Gaelic is pronounced Aguselus.

King Ban or Braidan was Lancelot’s father and his mother was Vivien Del Acqs.   Viviane’s mother was Viviane Del Acqs, The Dynasty Queen of Avalon.   These ladies were of direct descent of Joseph of Arimathea.  They were also the Queens of the ancient Celtic Christianity



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