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In the days of the Red River Rebellion
Life and Adventure in the Far West of Canada (1868-1872), By John McDougall


  • Chapter I.
    Primitive transport—The "buckboard "—New country—Edmonton—A pioneer parsonage—Housebuilding—Fishing—A race for noble game----A birthday feast—A motley company
  • Chapter II.
    Winter sets in—A visit to Edmonton—The "Ponthira antelope"—I secure a superb train of dogs —A run to Vlotoria—A Jolly company—Representative Indian types Aristocrats of the plains—Watch-night service An accident— Home again
  • Chapter III.
    A trip to Rocky Mountain Fort—A tenderfoots bewilderment—"The hills of God"—Tact of the Hudson's Bay Company—A wolverine's cunning
  • Chapter IV,
    A big hunt planned—Tragic death of Maskepetoon - District meeting at Victoria—Jacob Bigstoney - Rev. Win. Lacombe—Jacob's skill In tracking— A strong temptation—Consecrated to the Ministry—Wars and rumors of war
  • Chapter V.
    We start for the big camp—Varied diet—My first breech-loader—A scare —A wonderful scene—A "great lone land "—Clerical costumes—Exciting buffalo hunts—Struck by lightning—Charged by two buffalo bulls—A battle royal—Changing conditions—Unerring instinct of Indian guides —Our camp rushed by a buffalo herd—Loss of our only waggon
  • Chapter VI.
    The "fall hunt"—A brutal murder—My horse poisoned—"This is the way to do it!"—Father's abbreviated musket—Samson's dash and skill as a buffalo runner—Bob and I do some scouting— The silence of Nature's solitude—A hair-raising adventure —I make new acquaintances
  • Chapter VII.
    Visiting Hudson's Bay posts—A lonely journey—I encounter a solitary traveller—Importation of liquor—circulating a petition—An Irish priest's objections—Governor Archibald's proclamation —Prohibition In the Territories
  • Chapter VIII.
    Rebellion in the Red River Settlement—Reil seizes Fort Garry—Attempts to induce the Indians to revolt—Visiting the tribes to preach loyalty— Indians remain firm—Outbreak of smallpox— Massacre of Blackfeet near Edmonton—The post Invested by avenging force—Narrow escape of a party of whites—A bonfire of carts and a feast —Wolseley crushes rebellion—Terrible ravages of smallpox—Heartrending scenes—The writer's attack and cure—Awful mortality among French half-breeds
  • Chapter IX.
    An autumn hunt—.Spirit of the pioneer—My friend Susa gets a bath—Our camp entered by a war party—My brother David's pluck—Best meat in the world—Homeward with loaded carts—We get serious word from the Mission—Father and sisters down with smallpox—A camp of the dead—Arrive at the Mission—Find father recovering—Strict quarantine Into an ice-hole----Narrow escape from drowning—Mother's heroism in fighting the scourge
  • Chapter X.
    Indians in sullen humor—Another hunt organized— A dubious Quaker—My fingers badly frozenApou and I In luck—My endurance Is tried—A visit from the Chief Factor—I am sent on a difficult and dangerous mission—Indians gathering in a big camp—Rebellion being fomented— Packet brings news of Franco-Prussian war—A priest's superstitious folly and its results New Idea of prayer—Gifts of tobacco--Arrival at Hand Hills Camp
  • Chapter XI.
    Interview with the head chief—Spirit of rebellion rampant—Sabbath services—A terrible storm— Big gathering of Indians—Exhorting loyalty and order—Good impression made Distributing gifts Return trip—Rejoicings at success of mission—Recognition of service by the Hudson's Bay Company
  • Chapter XII.
    A peace mission to Rocky Mountain House —A Dutchman for travelling companion—Call at Pigeon Lake Mission—Difficult travel—An obstinate pack-train boss--A Blackfoot scalawag—At the Mountain Fort—Interview with Indian chiefs—Homeward bound—A runaway couple Receive word of my wife's death—Hastening homeward—A new breech-loader—A mission established at Edmonton—Father's narrow escape from drowning—We lose our buckboard —Floating down the Saskatchewan
  • Chapter XIII.
    Down the Saskatchewan to Fort Canton by skiff— Fort Pitt—Noted Indian chiefs—A lonely camp and a solitary wolf—A celestial battle —David brings his bride to Victoria—News from the outside world—To Edmonton in a spring-waggon—My wonderful crop of potatoes—A severe attack of the mumps—A visit from father— Two typical westerners—The White Mud Settlement
  • Chapter XIV.
    Missionary Conference at Winnipeg announced—District - Meeting moves me to Pigeon Lake—A "migratory church "—A hunt organized—We fall in with Black- feet and Bloods—A time of great anxiety—Friendly overtures—My visit to Solomon's camp—Good feeling established—A chief with Quaker instincts —Our party divides—We fall in with a Sarcee camp—I make friends with Chief Bull Head—Relief at meeting with large hunting party of our own people—A glorious buffalo run—Attack of fever— Off for Edmonton
  • Chapter XV.
    Visit at Edmonton—Starting for Conference—" Eight hundred miles to do shopping "—Travelling expenses —Buy a fine horse—On the fringe of settlement—Arrival at 'Winnipeg—Missionary Conference opened—Distinguished deputation—Entertained by Sir Donald A Smith—Rev. Wm. Morley Punshon's lectures and ordination sermon—I am ordained— Dr. Moore and Dr. Cochrane—Ann appointed to a new mission—Government survey party arrives in Winnipeg—Dr. Grant's "Ocean to Ocean "—Affectionate tribute to my father
  • Chapter XVI.
    Conference over, I leave on a visit to Ontario—Dr. Punshon—Passing the Customs—A stubborn Jehu - Northern Railroad at Moorehead—Take steamer at Duluth—Revisiting scenes of my boyhood—Collingwood—Craigvale—Toronto—College education denied—My second marriage—Westward bound - Seasickness—A "wild and woolly" town—Heading off a steamer—Down the Red River—Dr. Bryce----- Westward rush begun—A merited rebuke
  • Chapter XVII.
    Arrival at Fort Garry—Kindly received by Rev. Geo. Young and wife—Mr. Marshall—Wife and self start out alone on our long journey—" The steady jog"—A lordly Irishman—"Give him a terrible pounding for me "—A prairie fire—Meet with a party of fugitive Sioux—Participants in the Minnesota massacre—Mr. Macdonald and Mr. Audey.-."You will do for the North-West, Mrs. McDougall"
  • Chapter XVIII.
    A half-breed's lingo—Origin of languages—Half way to Edmonton—Chief Factor McMurray—A bitter storm —First house at Batoche—Duck Lake and Fort Carlton—Fortunate meeting with my old friend, Jack Norris—Neche stuck fast in a creek—Another mishap—Winterwith a vengeance—Bannock- making —Buried in snow—Camp-fire cheer—Sufferings of our horses—Brilliant night.scene—Neche's simplicity—" The man with the sharp axe "—My wife nearly frozen—Sandy McDonald, hero —A plucky exploit—Little Bob's plight—Narrow escape from freezing—Changing camp during the night—Overcome by cold and exhaustion—My wife's anxious night-watch—Arrival at Fort Pitt
  • Chapter XIX.
    Welcome at Fort Pitt—Flat-sleds and snow-shoes— - Norris and party arrive—A unique incident—On to Victoria—Sandy accompanies us—Order of march— Little Bob clear grit—A friendly French half-breed —Arrive at Victoria—David a proud father—A run to Edmonton and Pigeon Lake—A welcome visit from father—Christmas at Edmonton—Home at last—Unique bridal tour—My wife a heroine— Au revoir


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