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The Sacred Tables of Arthur
By; Kelly d. Whittaker

The Round Table and Grail Lore is a significant part of the Arthur legend.  These two items are representation of fairness, equality, justice and faith. These were Holy relics in a time of turmoil.

The legend handed down for 150 centuries states that Arthur sat at a circular table that had no head position so all men where equal that sat at it.  Thirteen men sat at the Round Table.  These thirteen were equal to each other.

The group at the Round Table were the reigning Lords of the Isle of Britain.  The name of these Kings were; Anguselus, Vrianus, Cadvallo laurh venedotorum, Strater or Eddelin demetorum, Cador cornubie,
Gillamaurus Hibernia, Meluasius Isslont, Doldavius Ysogottlont, Gunuuvasius Orcadum, Loth Llychlyn and Aschilllus Dacorum.  These eleven kings sat in high counsel with Arthur and Perceval.

The number 13 represents Christ and his twelve apostles.  This made Arthur's Round Table Holy according to ancient beliefs.  This is compared to the Grail Lore.   Thirteen men sat on the counsel for the Sacred Holy Grail.

People from all nations have been searching for the Round Table for hundreds of years.   Modern scholars have been able to translate the old languages used by William of Malmesbury, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Chretien of Troyes, Gildas, Aneirin and Nennius into our modern languages.  The translation is able to describe the Round Table more accurately.

Wace's adaptation of Monmouth states:  "Fist Artus la Roonde Table" = "Arthur made a tabled rotunda."  Rontundas represented early Christianity by duplicating the Tomb of Christ.

Reverend Dr. William Stukely published a flyer about and ancient building he found in 1720.  He found it on the Caron River bank near Falkirk.  The local folks called this unusual structure 'Arthur's O'on."  The people believed it to be a giant oven to bake bread for Arthur's army.

The funny shaped building made from stones looked like a huge beehive from the exterior.   This structure was a circular, beehive type, built of forty courses of ashlar blocks.  These blocks were place upon an elevated square platform without the use mortar.

Arthur's O'on aligned with the midsummer sunrise, very similar to Stonehenge.  Dr. Stukely published a book in 1743 called ABURY.  This is the year Arthur's O'on was demolished to use the stones to build a dam. The drawings of Stukely were near perfect measurements.  The flyer can still be seen at Glostenbury to this day.

Linguistic evidence plainly shows that Arthur's O'on is the origin of the Round Table.   The O'on was used to house Holy relics and a place of worship.  The Round Table branched into the "ORDER OF THE ROUND TABLE." This was a religious military order compared to the Knights of the Thistle.

Grail lore has been much easier to verify it's existence.  The Grail Castle for Joseph of Arimathea to house the Grail, dish, bowl or cup that Christ used at the Last Supper then Joseph used it to catch Christ's blood when Christ's side was pierced on the cross.

Joseph, Mary Magdelon with her children and a few other early Christians came to the Isle of Britain to build a special place to hold the 'Cup of Christ'.  By the 5th century the cup had been lost due to many invasions of the Isle.  Joseph of Arimathea was made St. James.

St. James wanted a secret fortress to hold the Holy relic so he built the Grail Castle.   The patrons of the Grail Castle formed the "ORDER OF THE HOLY GRAIL."   The organization is structured on the basis of the Round Table.  It consists of thirteen men to sent on the high counsel.

The Order of the Grail is the only ancient Christian organization from Britain that exists now.  The Knights Templar can honestly claim it's heritage.  The Order of the Grail is the foundation for the Knights Templar.



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