Skye Pioneers and "The Island"
Belfast Families - The Martins of Uigg and Murray Harbor Road

John Martin, Stenscholl, Skye, and his wife Catherine Macdonald of Snizort, Skye, arrived in Uigg in 1829. Their family consisted of:
I. HUGH (B.A. Glas. 1849-51, M.D. New Orleans), surgeon in Confederate Army in Virginia, married Ella McCarthy, Virginia, with issue: Rev. Hugh Macdonald Martin, Baltimore, and two daughters;
II. CATHERINE, wife of Murdoch Nicholson, Head Montague, with issue ;
III. MALCOLM, married Catherine, daughter of John (Small) Macdonald, Belfast, with issue;
IV. DONALD, Orwell Head, married Miss Macdonald, Grandview, with issue: Margaret, Hugh, Marjory, wife of Alex. Ross, Duncan, John, John Donald, and Anne;
V. CHARLES, unmarried;
VI. JOHN, died in Virginia, about 1869, unmarried;
VII. SAMUEL, b. in Skye, Sept. 25, 1821, d. in Uigg, married Sarah, daughter of James Campbell, of Uigg, b. Point Prim, 1829, with issue:

1. MARGARET, b. 1850, d. 1871, wife of John Martin, Kilmuir, P.E.I., with issue, one daughter;
2. HUGH, b. 1853, d. 1923, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, married Emma Balzer, with issue five children. One son served overseas in A.E.F.;
3. JOHN SAMUEL, Uigg, Speaker Local Legislature, P.E.I., born 1855, married Hattie Mackenzie, with issue surviving: Emily, Anne, Samuel, James, and Hugh, living on the homestead with his parents; John, b, July, 1896, 105th Batt. C.E.F., d. May 22, 1919, from wounds received in action;
4. CHRISTY ANN, b. 1857, wife of George Wood, Milwaukee, with issue: four children;
5. CATHERINE, wife of Kenneth MacLean, Alberry Plains, with issue: eight children;
6. JAMES CAMPBELL, minister, b. 1861, married Miss Livock, Chaplain overseas with C.E.F.;
7. MARJORY, wife of Lauchlin McKay, Dundas, with issue: nine children, of whom William, Hugh, and George served overseas with the C.E.F. The latter was killed in action in Flanders;
8. EMILY, wife of Fred Beers, Mass., with issue: six children, one son served overseas in A.E.F. ;
9. SARAH, wife of John G. Mackenzie, Granville, P.E.L, with issue: nine children, one of whom George, was killed in action overseas with C.E.F. ;
10. JOHN DONALD, Orwell, b. 1868, d. 1922, married Ella Mackenzie, with issue: five children;
11. MALCOLM CAMPBELL, minister, California, b. April 1, 1871, married Ella May Parks, Minneapollis, with issue: June, Margaret and Eleanor. Chaplain with A.E.F.;
12. SAMUEL ANGUS, minister, Manitoba, b. Sept. 3, 1873, married Nettie Fielding, with issue surviving: Jean, wife of Ernest Yeo; Wallace James, and Margaret. Chaplain overseas with C.E.F.

Samuel Martin, and his wife, Sarah Campbell, were a very unusual and distinguished couple. They were parents of fifteen children, of whom thirteen reached maturity. Four were school teachers, and three were successful clergymen. Two served overseas as chaplains in the Great War. In the same war eight grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. Martin were engaged. Three of them were killed in action.

In every good and worthy cause Mr. and Mrs. Martin and children were always found in the forefront.

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