Skye Pioneers and "The Island"
Belfast Families - The Ross's of Kinross, Uigg and Eldon

Lauchlin Ross, and his wife Catherine Martin, emigrated from Strath, Skye, in 1821. They and several friends and relatives occupied the whole territory between Orwell Bridge and Murray Harbor Road in that year. On July 15, 1848, Mr. Ross died aged 78. Their issue were:

I. DONALD, b. July 27, 1804, d. Dec. 9, 1856, married Flora Nicholson, b. June 27, 1808, d. April 13,1895, with issue:
1. JOHN, b. Feb. 25, 1835, d. Dec., 1908, Hamilton, Ontario, married Rachel Rogers, Lampton Mills, Ontario, with issue: Frederick Henry, Edward D.. Lucien Grey, Vivian and Raymond Reginald;
2. DAVID, Kinross, b. Dec. 12, 1837, d. March 15, 1913, married Mary Louise Enman, b. 1854, d. May 28, 1915, with issue:
a. MARY ELIZABETH, wife of Murdoch Peter Macdonald, Orwell, with issue ;
b. JOHN FREDERICK, married Mattie Huntley, with issue;
c. JANETTE FLORENCE, married, with issue;
d. ARTEMAS ENMAN, married, with issue;
f. BELLA IRENE, wife of Peter I. Macqueen;
3. MARGARET, wife of James Hayden, with issue;
4. JANETTA, wife of Lemuel Hayden, with issue: Sidney, May and Charlotte;
7. ALEXANDER, married Marjory Martin, with issue;
9. MARY, unmarried;
10. ANNABELLA, unmarried.
11. DAVID, d. Feb. 10, 1890, aged 80, married, Anne Martin, Belle River, d. Feb. 22, 1899, aged 79, with issue:
2. DANIEL C., K.C., Toronto, died Sept. 5, 1929.
3. KATHERINE, wife of Daniel W. MacLeod, Sentie, Vernon River, with issue: Dr. William;
4. CHRISTY, wife of Jeremiah Smith, Newtown, with issue.
IV. ISABEL, wife of John MacLeod, Kinross, with issue:, Alexander; married with issue, John Walter, Angus A., and Bella;
V. WALTER, Eldon, d. March 29, 1875, aged 55, married Catherine Murchison, Point Prim, d. April 9, 1915, aged 83, with issue: Margaret, Daniel, Mary Alice, Charlotte, Florence, Catherine, Bella, Lauchlin, Samuel and David;
VI. KATHERINE, wife of Murdoch Macdonald, County Line, with issue;
VII. DONALD, Jr., d. Sept. 11, 1892, aged 68, married Isabel Macdonald, Belle River, d. Nov., 1920, aged 86, with issue:
1. ANGUS ALEXANDER, Lieut. Royal Artillery, d. 1900, Malta, married, with issue;
2. LAUCHLIN, d. 1920, unmarried;
3. ALEXANDER (M.D. Trinity), d. 1926, married Mary Campbell, with issue: Florence, wife of Mr. Neameyer, with issue: Lulu, wife of Mr. Arkinstall, with issue: Myrtle, wife of Mr. MacLeod, with issue: Kenneth, Malcolm (B.A., M.D., McGill), Hector (U. of B.C.);
4. KATHERiNE, wife of Benson Weatherbee, with issue;
5. CHRISTY, wife of James MacLeod, with issue: J. Milton, Alice, wife of Preston McIntyre (B.A., M.D. McGill); Beulah, Blanche, and Lucretia;
6. ISABELLA, wife of Ansley Goodwin, Pugwash, N.S.;
7. WALTER DONALD, Kinross (Dal.) married, Matilda Brown Macqueen, with issue: David Douglas, b. March 24, 1913, and Marion Isabel, b. Sept. 9, 1916.

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