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There is an additional surname that can be added if you'd care to, it was taken on in the United States of America by members of the HAIG family of which I am directly related: HAIGHT

I do not know if any of the other Haig lines have the tradition of making sure that in each generation there is to be an Arthur and Robert.  They were Haig brothers, and whose history were relayed to me from my correspondence with the Earl. 

He told me the most likely reason and story of why my family lines have held in memorial these two names.  Which we have continued even when the younger generations had no idea of why they did so, other than it was a very important family tradition.

We have been told ever since I can remember, and my father remembered etc.. that there must always be a male HAIGHT given our family names of Robert / Arthur.

Praying that at least one male HAIGHT would be born, who can carry the combined name of Robert Arthur, or Arthur Robert for the sake of our ancestors, roots, etc.  

As fortune may have it, if more than one male child can be expected in a generation then the two names are given to the children any way the parent desires, combined or split up between the boys or as many of them having middle names or either, as long as there is always at least One male HAIGHT who carries these names.

Most often they are given to one, and in each generation changed back and forth, one generation to be named Robert Arthur, then the next to be flipped and named Arthur Robert.  

However, when there are twin HAIGHT boys born ... usually the names, are divided and each receives one them.  Given either as their first name or as a middle name. 

My grand father was an Arthur Robert,

my dad a Robert,

and my brother a Robert Arthur...

At present the youngest LIVING male members of our family who carry the names are Kelly Arthur (who is 50) and Sean Robert (who is 10).  There were several males who possessed the names but our family is growing smaller, and I only mention the Youngest rather than the whole list of them.

At some point our more Americanized family forgot the reason for the naming, but still held it within the family as tradition and have agreeably abided by our older generation's requests to continue.

I am very thankful to the Earl for giving me the history to provide to the newer generations as they are asked to give male children the names.

The story in brief told to me by the Present Earl was that Arthur went to the King and accused his brother Robert of bringing about the death of the king's son through acts of witchcraft - sorcery. 

Robert was sent to the Tower, but in a short time Arthur too was sent as well (the details of which I am not entirely clear on)

How long they were there, ?  But the two survived to be released.

Robert then went to Holland, where he eventually married (I am going by memory here as I do not have my letters in front of me and it has been along time since I read them, but I think her surname was Prott or something like that because the Earl found it slightly off color, as being associated in sound to a Scots or English word that was not something desirable to be named, and here too just from memory and not to be quoted as fact but I think I remember him mentioning that it meant (butt).

I do not believe that Robert returned to Bemersyde, but Arthur may have.

It is also my understanding from what I remember the Earl mentioning that Robert was the Whiskey maker.

Arthur (as memory serves) went either to Spain or Italy and I do not remember much being told to me by the Earl about him. I think possibly the Earl may more closely related to Arthur and my lines more closely related to Robert so the information on Robert more pertainent to myself.

There were several unusual stories that the Earl told me as well.

  (this not unusual but he also mentioned that the family abbey, Old Melrose, was where "Cuthbert first knocked", and I know that some women of the generations past in my family belonged to an organization here in the USA, called the "Cuthbert Society", I think it involved Ladies Aid....  but I am unaware of the fullness of What he was relaying to me in mention of Cuthbert.)

One of the ones he refered to as part of the supernatural family history was about a Monk from the old Melrose Abbey.   About the Monk and a Haig daughter, who fell in love and .... well you know...

Upon discover of their affections for one another the Monk was required to bathe every day as punishment, and the Abbey in payment to the Haig family for the crime against them, agreed to provide: one salmon and 1/2 a ball of wax yearly to the family.  The duration of payment, I am not sure, and have no idea if it is supposed to still be paid or not... ?

The Haig daughter, falling into deep depression from the loss of her love, forbidden from association, no allowances for marriage, etc. She took herself on a November night under a full moon to a pool (and the name for the life of me I can not remember but for some reason I think Haliweal) where she lamented her loss and drown herself. 

It is said that each Nov. on its full moon to this day, that she can be heard crying, wailing in grief for her lost love.

The Earl also told me of Sir Thomas, the Rhymer and his adventure with the Faerie Queen, how there are those old Scottish families who have a difference of opinion as to the identity of Thomas.  I think a Thomas Learmont, but he assured me that held in Haig family archives, record and documentation of antiquity at the headhouse in Bemersyde, that he felt they accurately and adequately disproved the association.  But I do not remember him mentioning who Thomas may have been.

He also spoke of Sir Walter Scott, his association to the family, being a close friend, visiting Bemersyde often and that he is buried with the Haig Family in the Melrose Abbey.

He also mentioned several ballads of interest, and suggested a book that the full title of which I can not dredge up in memory only that it was part of a collection of books in my childhood home which we had long before he mentioned it and part of the title was the "Borderlands" 

In it there is mention of the death of Sir Walter Scott and two Scottish families who cared for him. Upon his death they made sure he had proper funeral and burial, one of the families being Haig.

When he shared with me the family shield and crest it brought back memories of playing with my grandmother's jewelry box where in was a ring, that had the crest on it, at the time I had no idea of its association just that it was a ring I could only look at but not play with.  Who it passed to after her death, I am not sure, as many things seemed to disappear and no one seems aware of where they got off to or are fessing up... but that was in the early 1960's and there are so few of us left now, it could be anywhere or lost.

Most of this is probably all history you have available and are familiar with, but since the name HAIGHT was not listed as one of the surnames associated to the HAIG lines, I thought to give it to you so that it may be added in your information, if you so desire.

Thank you for your website and links too, I just discovered them today!


1724 E. Rich Ave, Spokane, WA.  99207  USA 

(Postal letters will reach me best, as I share my computer with my grand daughter who has it much more often than I).



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