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Motto: "Touch not the cat without a glove".
Badge: A wild cat.
Septs of the Clan: Adamson, Ayson, Combie, Crerar, Dallas, Doles, Elder, Esson, Glen, Glennie, Hardie, Hardy, MacAndrew, MacAy, MacCardney, MacCombie, MacCombe, MacComie, M'Conchy, Macglashan, Machardie, Machardy, MacHay, Mackeggie, M'Killican, MacNiven, MacOmie, Macritchie, MacThomas, Niven, Noble, Paul, Ritchie, Seawright, Siveright, Shaw, Tarrill, Tosh, Toshach.
Names associated with the clan:
Adamson Adamsone Ademson Ademsoun Ademsoune Aesone Aison Aissone Aissoun Aissoune Ason Asone Asson Assone Aue Ave Ay Aye Ayesone Ayesoun Ayson Aysone Aysoun Ayssoun Chombeich Chombich Claerk Clark Clarke Clarkson Clarksone Clearkson Cleary Clerach Clerc Clerck Clercsone Cleric Clerie Clerk Clerke Clerkson Clerksone Clerksoun Clerksson Combach Combich Crarer Crear Creer Crerar Crerer Criathrar Dallas Dallass Dallyas Dolace Dolas Dolasse Dolays Doles Doleys Dollace Dolles Eason Easone Easson Eldar Eldare Elder Esson Galashan Glashan Glashen Glashin Glene Gleney Glenn Glennay Glennie Glenny Gleny Golane Golin Gollan Golland Gollane Gollin Gollon Hairdy Hardie Hardy Hardye Heagie Heagy Heegie Heggie Hegie Hegy Higgie Hosack Hosak Hosick Hossack Hossok Hossoke Ison Isone Kellas Kelles Knevan Leary MacAindreis MacAleerie MacAndrew MacAndrie MacAndro MacAndy MacArdie MacArdy MacAy MacBardie MacCagy MacCarday MacCardie MacCardney MacCardy MacChardaidh MacChardy MacChlerich MacChlery MacChombeich MacChombich MacChomich MacClachan MacClachane MacClathan MacClearey MacCleary MacClerich MacCleriche MacClerie MacClery MacClirie MacClurich MacCombich MacComiche MacComick MacComtosh MacConche MacConchie MacConchy MacCondach MacCondachie MacCondachy MacCondie MacCondochie MacCondoquhy MacConnchye MacConquhy MacConquy MacCreitche MacCulican MacCuligan MacCuligin MacCulikan MacCuliken MacEgie MacEleary MacGiligan MacGilleglash MacGillican MacGilligain MacGilligan MacGilligin MacGlashan MacGlashen MacGlashin MacGlassan MacGlassin MacGlasson MacGulican MacHarday MacHardie MacHardy MacHay MacHee MacHyntoys MacIlchomich MacIlleglass MacInclerich MacInclerie MacInclerycht MacInthosse MacIntioch MacIntoch MacIntoschecht MacIntoschie MacIntoschye MacIntosh MacKaggie MacKandrew MacKantoiss MacKardie MacKeggie MacKelecan MacKelegan MacKelican MacKentase MacKglesson MacKhardie MacKilican MacKilikin MacKillican MacKillicane MacKillichane MacKilligan MacKilligane MacKilligin MacKiltosche MacKintishie MacKintoch MacKintoche MacKintoisch MacKintorss MacKintosh MacKleiry MacKreiche MacKritchy MacKulican MacKuntosche MacKynioyss MacKyntoich MacKyntossche MacKyntoys MacLear MacLeary MacLerich MacLerie MacLglesson MacNaoimhin MacNeiving MacNevin MacNivaine MacNiven MacNoble MacOnchie MacQhardies MacReekie MacReiche MacRiche MacRichie MacRikie MacRitchey MacRitchie MacRitchy MacRyche MacThom MacThomaidh MacThomais MacThomas MacThome MacThomie MacToiche MacToschy MacToshy MacYnthosche MacYnthose MacYntoch MacYntoisch Makandro Makconchie Makintoch Makintoiche Makkintoische Maklearie Makryche Maktoiche Makulikin Makyntoische Makyntosh Naomhin Neiven Neivin Nevane Nevein Neveine Nevene Nevin Nevins Nevinus Nevison Nevyn Nevyne Nevyng Newein Newin Newing Nifin Nivein Niven Niveson Nivine Niving Nivison Nobil Nobile Nobill Noble Rechie Rechtie Rechy Riche Richie Ritchie Rychy Rychze Rytchie Saythe Scaith Scayth Schau Schaw Schawe Scheoch Scheok Schiach Schioch Schioche Seah Seath Seith Seth Sha Shau Shaw Shawe Shay Sheach Sheath Sheehan Sheoch Shiach Siache Sith Sithach Sithech Sithig Skaith Sythach Sythag Sythock Tarall Taroll Tarrel Tarrell Tarrill Terale Terrel Terrell Terroll Toash Toische Toschach Tosche Toscheach Toscheoch Tosh Toshach Toshak Tosoch Tossoche Vconchie

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