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Motto: Fortis Et Fidus which means Strong and Faithful (trusty)
Septs of the Clan: Ewan, Ewen, Ewing, Gilchrist, Lachlan, Lauchlan, MacEwan, MacEwen, MacGilchrist.
Names associated with the clan: Cogann Eogan Eogann Eoghan Eoghann Eugene Eunson Eunsone Evan Evanson Evinson Ewain Ewan Ewen Ewenson Ewin Ewinesone Ewing Ewinn Ewinson Ewinsoun Ewisone Ewnesoune Ewynson Ewynsone Ewynsoun Gilchrist Gilcrist Gilcriste Gilcristes Gilcryst Gillchrist Gillechrist Gillecrist Gillecryst Keown Killecrist Lachaidh Lachann Lachie Lachillan Lachlainn Lachlan Lachlane Lachlann Lachlanson Lachlin Lachy Lauchlan Lauchland Lauchlanesone Lauchlein Laughlan Laughland Laughlin Lochlain Lochlan Lochlane Lochlann Loghlan Lohlan Louchelan MacClachlane MacClachlene MacClaichlane MacClauchlan MacClauchlane MacClauchlin MacCoun MacCuinn MacCune MacCunn MacCwne MacGilchrist MacGilcreist MacGilcrist MacGlauchlin MacGlauflin MacHlachlan MacIlchreist MacIlcrist MacKlawchlane MacKlawklane MacKlechreist MacLachan MacLachie MacLachlainn MacLachlan MacLachlane MacLachlin MacLackie MacLaghlan MacLauchan MacLauchlan MacLauchlane MacLauchleine MacLauchlen MacLauchlin MacLaughlan MacLaughland MacLaughlane MacLaughlin MacLawchtlane MacLlauchland MacLochlainn MacLochlin MacLoghlin MacLouchlan MacLoughlin MacQuckian MacQuikan MacUne MacYllecrist Makclachlane Makclauchlane Maklawchlane Vclauchlane Vclauchlayne

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